Apps Like Nagios Alternatives and Similar Software & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Nagios Alternatives and Similar Software Nagios is a monitoring system that helps organizations identify and resolve IT infrastructure issues. If you need to monitor a complex web of services internally, this is a hugely helpful tool that can save a huge amount of time in identifying and resolving potential problems. Nagios is free and available on Linux, but it is not open source. This is especially important to consider when dealing with highly confidential and sensitive infrastructure. In this case, the added transparency and potential for modularity that open source Nagios alternatives can provide could very well be preferred.

Check Your Computer System Quality With Nagios

Nagios is an application used to observe and check the quality of the computer system. Nagios is designed to know the Linux operations on the computer. It also is used by many other Linux installed devices. Nagios will observe the errors and warnings from the currently running apps and network servers. It can checkout, the number of apps that are running in the background, the memory usage of the system, storage, log details, and everything.

Many servers are observed by using Nagios. A user can work from CLI(Command Line Interface), used to view and manage the files. Nagios can track and detect the limits. Immediately it will give warnings or alerts through emails and messages to users. Users can select and arrange the settings. Nagios will give alerts when they exceed the target. It means users can choose their service and network checks.


Ethan Galstad is the co-founder and CEO of Nagios. Ethan is the current president of Nagios. He is working on the development of Nagios. In the earlier days, in 1999 Ethan created NetSaint instead of Nagios. Later they faced some challenges due to this name NetSaint.

Nagios was officially launched on March 1st, 2002. It is free software which is available for everyone. It is licensed software, so users can feel free to use Nagios. Ethan used the C programming language while coding for Nagios.

How it works

Usually, Nagios works under Linux based operations. It provides a great service to its users. It can also examine many servers at a time. Nagios determines the main cause of any issue. Nagios is easy to use. It also detects future problems. It is always ready to be intimate. Users can directly receive alerts from Nagios. It has so many tools like endpoint protection, ids, and firewall, etc.

Find Top 10
Nagios Alternatives and Similar Software

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Spiceworks Help Desk Web Windows
Android Tablet
Free Website
2 CloudRadar Monitoring Microsoft Hyper-V Server
Parallels Plesk Panel
UCS Virtual Machine Manager
Proxmox Virtual Environment
Windows Server Essentials
Commercial Website
3 netdata Bash
C (programming language)
Free Website
4 Zabbix FreeBSD
Free Website
5 Datadog Web Mac
Commercial Website
6 PRTG Network Monitor Windows Freemium Website
7 Cacti Linux
Free Website
8 Icinga Linux
Free Website
9 LibreNMS Apache HTTP Server
MySQL Community Edition
Free Website
10 Munin Linux Free Website

Top features

Some of the top features of Nagios are:

• Nagios is recognized as one of the best applications in detecting the errors and giving warnings. It can find more than 3500 servers at a time.

• Services like SMTP, POP3, HTTP, PING will check using Nagios. Checking if Nagios include memory usage, running out time, software updates, bugs on the internet, and many more.

• Users can select their service checks. Nagios is always available to users to solve complicated problems.

• Nagios can easily detect the background running applications and their errors. Users can know the status by going through the network interface.

• Nagios helps to make things better. It is a recommended app for most of the software developers, workers in information technology.


  1. What can I monitor with Nagios?

Nagios can monitor just about anything. It is possible by using the built-in monitoring wizards.

  • Can I integrate it with my ticketing system?

Yes, you can, only if your ticketing system has a communication point such as API.

  • What can Nagios do when it detects a change in the service status?

It can do many things, from sending emails to opening a ticket in your external application.