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Apps Like Netree & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Netree Netree aims to create world’s first eco-system where all handlers of the retail industry right from… Created by Netree Today, most brands & manufacturers do not have any access to information regarding either their inventory beyond the primary point, or their customers. Netree creates the world’s first connect-engage-promote-transact platform where all handlers of the retail industry, right from manufacturers to the last mile retailers can connect together, engage directly and transact seamlessly. It’s no more about management, instead it’s about engagement. Our new incredible eco-system connects the retailers to their distributors and the distributors to their manufacturers in real time, reducing time and pain in channel engagement. Time of Material in Transit between the manufacturer and the customer should be reduced to increase sales, as well as profits. With 14 million registered retailers and 20 million unregistered retailers, 93% of India’s 850 billion retail market is controlled by small & medium retailers. Having an opportunity to engage with the business and customers of these retail points gives enormous amount of power to the stake holders of the retail industry, and that helps them in improving their business and profitability. To make it happen in the practical world, it’s necessary to have a technology driven network platform for all stakeholders to come together. Today a near Just in time delivery is possible to the retail points, with the help of technology. To make a networked engagement between brands, distributors and retailers a reality, Netree has built a mobile, cloud-based, all in one networking platform that helps all stake holders to connect, engage, promote and transact between one or more stakeholders like suppliers and customers. Netree, as a provider of a strategic eco-system for the retail industry stakeholders.

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