10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for OnLive & Comparisons

OnLive OnLive connects you to the hottest games instantly via broadband on your TV with the OnLive Game… Created by OnLive, Inc. OnLive connects you to the hottest games instantly via broadband on your TV with the OnLive Game System, and on almost any PC or Mac®!The OnLive® Game Service is a groundbreaking on-demand video game platform capable of delivering the latest and most advanced games instantly over a broadband connection. You can play on your TV via the OnLive Game System or on virtually any PC or Mac® via a small browser download. The OnLive Game Service creates an entirely new way to play, watch, share and demo premium games from the world’s leading publishers….

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 GamesPlanet Web Mac
Commercial Website
2 Stadia Web
Chrome OS
Android Tablet
Freemium Website
3 Nvidia Grid   iPhone
Free Website
4 Otoy Web   Commercial Website

Reasons why GamesPlanet is a good alternative to OnLive

  • GamesPlanet has a wider variety of games
  • GamesPlanet doesn’t require a constant internet connection
  • GamesPlanet is cheaper for casual gamers
  • GamesPlanet has an offline mode
  • GamesPlanet has been around for longer than OnLive
  • GamesPlanet is available in more countries

Reasons why Stadia is a good alternative to OnLive

  • Stadia is less laggy
  • Stadia doesn’t need a dedicated machine for you to play on
  • Stadia is available on any device with internet access
  • Stadia has GOG Connect
  • Plays with your controller or mouse and keyboard

Reasons why Nvidia Grid is a good alternative to OnLive

  • Nvidia Grid is a lower cost than OnLive
  • Nvidia Grid does not use cloud storage which can be costly and unreliable
  • Nvidia Grid does not require an internet connection to play games
  • The graphics are better on Nvidia Grid than OnLive
  • Nvidia Grid can be used on laptops and computers
  • Nvidia has the best graphics cards

Reasons why Otoy is a good alternative to OnLive

  • Otoy is a better choice for graphic designers
  • Otoy can deliver 4K quality graphics
  • Downloading video games is easier with Otoy because it doesn’t require any installation
  • The company supports open source programs like Blender and Unity
  • Otoy’s SLO streaming service has the same features as OnLive’s