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OpenCart First Purchase Discount Module Give discount to the customer on their first purchase according to their customer group. Created by TMD OpenCart Extensions first time discount offer OpenCart extension pcked with a lot of features. Here are those1. Make a discount offer by the customer group.2. Discount in percentage and fix amount.3. Enable and disable the discuont Offer4. Compatible for all OpenCart theme 5. Multi language supports: Works great with non-english languages6. Compatible with 2.2.x and Latest versionsThis extension allows admin to select customer group and specify discount. More Info »When customers try to buy products. Customer group assigned discount by admin will apply and show on shopping art page on the total payable amount will be deducted. A first time discount also appears. It works like charm.All customer group customer will get different discount as given by admin. Module automatically gets customer group when they try to make an order and assign a discount.

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