Apps Like OWOX BI & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

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OWOX BI OWOX BI is your personal marketing analyst that helps you grow faster and achieve your marketing… Created by owoxbi With marketing analytics by OWOX BI, you will:- Find growth areas and identify your risks – Get an AI-powered forecast of your marketing plan performance- Receive actionable reports for every employee- Create your data-driven marketing strategyOWOX BI products are for: CMOsWe’ll show you how your marketing plan can be fulfilled, where your growth areas and weak points are, and how your market share is changing. More Info »MarketersWe’ll build any marketing reports so you know how your efforts affect sales, which channels are effective, and which are draining your budget.AnalystsWe’ll save your time and get rid of manual data analytics routine by combining data from your website, CRM, and advertising services into a single database.OWOX BI clients grow 22% faster than the market average.

Find Top 10

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Woopra Web Freemium Website
2 Mixpanel Mobile Analytics Web iPhone Freemium Website
3 Whatagraph Web Commercial Website
4 Canecto Web Freemium Website
5 Deep.BI Web Freemium Website
6 Web Commercial Website
7 Finteza Web Freemium Website
8 Google Analytics Alternatives and Similar Apps and Websites Online
Android Tablet
Free Website
9 WP Power Stats WordPress
Free Website
10 Ghostboard Web Commercial Website
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