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Parts&Vendors Parts&Vendors makes it easy to document your new product design as the work progresses. Created by Trilogy Design Because of their row and column organization, spreadsheets (such as Excel®) have always been a tempting place to keep Bills of Materials and component lists.The way data is saved in a spreadsheet, however, inevitably results in a lot of copying and pasting as more entries are made for assemblies and complete products.The duplication of entries leads to errors (spec changes not updated everywhere being the most common) and general difficulty in keeping track of multiple uses of things. More Info »Parts&Vendors brings the power of a relational database as a superior alternative to using spreadsheets. And its low cost makes it an easy choice to upgrade your tools for this important task.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 PartKeepr Ext JS
MySQL Community Edition
Free Website
Freemium Website
4 Aligni Web Freemium Website
5 OpenBOM (TM) Web Free Personal Website
6 AXT Parts PHP
Free Website
7 PartsBox Web Freemium Website
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