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PerformFlow PerformFlow is a Google Forms add-on which automates approval workflow right on Google Forms with… Created by JetDyno Form Approvals Workflow – PerformFlow creates automated approval workflow by just using Google Forms.With the add-on, you can streamline various cases of approval workflow like:- HR: Vacation/Leave Request (Paid Time Off Request – PTO), Hiring Request, Member Application, Employee Feedback, Training Request, Promotion Request…- Operation/Administration: Payment Request, Document Approval, Facility Access Request, Purchase Request, Expense Request, Vehicle Request, Reservation Request, Shift Change Request…- Sales: Refund Request, Invoice, Discount Approval,…- School requests: Field Trip Request, Tutor Request, Rubrics, Office Referral, Event Request…… More Info Β»Key features:1. Create multi-level approval workflow with static & dynamic recipients.2. Approve/reject with just one click on approval email (sent automatically to recipients when a request is submitted).3. Cut down approval workflow setup time with 4 pre-made question templates: Leave Request, Expense Request, Tutor Request, & Payment Request.4. Track all approval requests in a single Google spreadsheet & workflow emails.5. Easily add Form Respondent into the flow so that they can receive result email when the workflow ends, or, edit their request submission.The add-on operates entirely based on Google Drive, Google Forms, & Gmail. Permission to access Google Drive/Forms/Gmail will be asked for the purpose of running approval workflow only. You can read more about your data security here: For issue & feedback, send us to: it for free now at to save time on approval workflows with 100 emails/month (approx. 25 requests) of quotas.Want more quotas for your approvals workflow? Visit here: http://bit.

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