The Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives On The Market in 2021


Yahoo Pipes was a wonderful tool that let you build all sorts of interesting combinations of information. Unfortunately, Yahoo decided to discontinue the service in October 2013. The good news is that there are many other tools available to help you aggregate and combine data in just about any way imaginable. In this post, I’ll talk about some of my personal favorite alternatives for Yahoo Pipes and provide examples so you can see what they can do!

What was Yahoo Pipes?

Yahoo pipes was an internet service from Yahoo that allowed you to combine and transform data in simple visual ways, without any programming knowledge. You could use it for a variety of purposes – including creating your own custom RSS feeds with just the information you want to see!

The best part about Yahoo Pipes is how easy it is. Anyone who can drag-and-drop should be able to take advantage of all its power. It’s not only great for beginners; advanced users will also find plenty they like here. The basic idea behind what I call “filter feed” web pages have always been popular, but few people have had as much success implementing them as well as Yahoo did until now.

Here are some top alternatives to Yahoo Pipes

  1. Feedly
  2. IFTTT
  3. Zapier
  4. Webhooks on GitHub hosted repositories which send you notifications when someone makes changes on GitHub’s website using webhooks – https://helpful-hints-for-github-webhooks/
  5. Google Sheets
  6. Microsoft Flow
  7. Tasker
  8. RSS Subscription Services like Feedspot – Subscribe to a variety of news sources via RSS feeds or email alerts (RSS Subscription Services)
  9. Pabbly Connect
  10. Integromat

Find Top 10

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 IFTTT Alternatives and Similar Apps and Websites   Online
Android Tablet
Android Wear
Free Website
2 The Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives On The Market in 2021 1 Actiondesk Web   Freemium Website
3 The Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives On The Market in 2021 2 InView Web   Commercial Website
4 The Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives On The Market in 2021 3 PipeGears   Software as a Service (SaaS) Commercial Website
5 The Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives On The Market in 2021 4 Siri Shortcuts Siri iPhone
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7 The Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives On The Market in 2021 5   Software as a Service (SaaS)
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8 The Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives On The Market in 2021 6 Huginn Slack Windows
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9 Self-Hosted Zapier Alternatives tagged with Web App   Online Free with limited functionality Website
10 The Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives On The Market in 2021 7 zzBots Web Mac
Android Tablet
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Let’s learn about each alternative in detail –


Feedly is a free internet service for people who want to keep up with their favorite blogs, magazines, and websites.

-You can organize your feeds into topics or folders to make it easy to scan headlines of the latest updates on any topic in seconds. You also have the option to add an RSS feed from another website or blog that you love but don’t already follow – this makes Feedly one of Yahoo Pipes alternatives worth checking out!

-With Feedly’s mobile apps, reading articles has never been easier – just log in using Facebook (make sure you allow notifications) and start scrolling through all those interesting stories right away.

Features of Feedly

-Sync with Google Reader, Feedly, and The Old Reader

The service offers to sync your feeds across all three services.

-Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

Feedly has apps for both platforms that are free of charge (Android) or have a single $0.99 in-app purchase fee (iOS).

-Readability Mode  for Reading Articles Offline on Your Computer

If you don’t want to be interrupted by social networks when reading articles offline at home, just open an article in readability mode – it will look the same as if you were viewing it online without any ads! You can also download full-text PDFs of saved items from within the app itself.

More Features: RSS Import


The IFTTT app is one of the most popular and powerful task automation apps on Android.

More Features: Recipes, Applets & Channels

-Recipes are just a sequence of triggers and actions that you choose to form into an “If This Then That” statement for a given result (e.g., if it rains in San Francisco then send me weather alerts)

-Applets can be created by anyone with access to the internet platform (which means they’re mostly tailored towards specific interests such as photography, gaming, or health). They take up little space but offer huge potential for personalized content creation – perfect for those who have something interesting about their hobby they want more people to know!

-Channels of IFTTT is a service that allows you to connect different services based on your preferences. It’s a great way of streamlining all the apps and devices around the house, from lights turning off when you leave home, to finding out what song is playing in Starbucks

It’s also worth mentioning that IFTTT has over 100 applets created by other users. You can find anything from recipes for social media marketing with Twitter or LinkedIn; easy ways to create tangible gifts as Christmas presents seamlessly; advice about how long it takes certain fruits to ripen after they’ve been picked – there really is something for everyone!

Zapier app

Zapier is a SaaS web-based application that connects two different apps or services. The app takes all the information from one service and automatically transfers it to another, based on your specific needs.

The most common use for Zapier is connecting social media accounts like Twitter with Google Analytics so you can see how many people are clicking through those links in tweets onto your site. That way, you’ll have a good idea of what you’ve posted has been successful before investing too much time into building brand awareness!

Zapier also lets users create “zaps” – automated workflows between more than 250+ popular web apps such as Gmail, Facebook Ads Manager, Stripe, HubSpot Sales & Marketing Platforms.

Features of Zapier

– Supports more than 250+ apps like Google Analytics, Gmail, Facebook Ads Manager, Stripe, and Hubspot Sales & Marketing Platforms

– Connect two different services together to perform an action based on your specific needs (e.g., connecting social media accounts with analytics)

– Create zaps – automated workflows between popular web applications that connect automatically when certain criteria are met!

Information: Zapier is a great yahoo pipe alternative for business users who want automated features in their workflow without having to know how the engineering side of things works. It’s also easy for nontechnical people because there’s no coding involved. Plus it provides quick turnaround times and saves time since you don’t have to log into multiple sites every time you want to use it.


Webhooks is a yahoo pipes alternative that’s ideal for those looking to increase their productivity. It allows you to automate tedious tasks by triggering actions when certain criteria are met. All you need to do is set the parameters and Webhook will take care of the rest!

– You’ll never have to worry about forgetting an email because it triggers directly after someone signs up on your site or posts something in one of your groups 

– anything from sending out new product information, notifications, order updates, or customer surveys can be done automatically with this service.

– Plus—it also gives users real-time notifications so they’re always connected without having to check all day long! Another great feature? The ability to create a custom webhook is a massive plus as it gives you the ability to turn any web application into a powerful platform with just one click.

– Webhook also offers integrations that can be deployed across your organization, such as Salesforce and Slack.”

“Webhook is an innovative app built for entrepreneurs in mind—and it’s free! It provides users what they need when they need it without having to pay monthly fees or subscribe at all. The best part? You get access to their library of prebuilt templates so you don’t have to wait around while building automation processes from scratch!”

“This smart software was created by developers who understand how much time needs are changing these days – and its customers appreciate this attention because there hasn’t been anything like this on the market.

Google Sheets For Feeds

– Create a spreadsheet and populate the cells with your desired content.

– Designate which column will be used for each type of data by using the given tag such as “URL” or “Title.”

– Define how often you want to import new posts from this feed into Google Sheets: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly?

– Select whether you would like all updated posts imported at one time when it is scheduled, or if you only want specific posts (for example those that match certain tags) imported on any given schedule. Remember that updates are imports based offset frequency so an update every day means there will be 25% more imports than what was originally planned in that month’s quota for generating a feed and an update every week will result in 50% more imports than what was originally planned.

– Mark the column header for each type of data with a tag such as “URL” or “Title”. The rest is up to you!

Microsoft Flow Feed and Automation

– You can add the “Microsoft Flow” feed to any Google Sheet, or create your own on their website.

– This example shows how you would use this technique to insert information into a spreadsheet that is updated by importing data from Twitter each hour using RSS feeds.

– The flow will pull in: username, tweet text (excerpt), date/time of tweet; then the script automatically triggers an event with all the details for every new row added to the sheet.

Tasker – The Smartphone App for Automating Tasks

– This app should be used if you want to automate actions on your phone, and don’t mind paying the $$$.

– One example of a task is setting up an automation that will take pictures when someone enters into a certain area or geo zone (great for security).

– You can also set it up so that Tasker performs tasks at specific times throughout the day. For instance, I use this function to turn off my WiFi connection every night between 11pm and 12 am in order to save battery life.

Tasker Features

– Tasks can be organized into profiles, which are like different “mini-apps”.

– Set up triggers that activate tasks based on various conditions. For instance, you could set it up so Tasker will turn your phone to vibrate ONLY when someone texts or calls and send the caller directly to voicemail if they call three times in a row without leaving a message. – This app is only available for Android phones at the moment but has some incredible features!

Feedspot Tool and App

Feedspot is a great tool for bloggers because it offers an aggregator to organize and categorize your RSS feeds. You can easily add new blogs that you find by searching on the website or make your own custom categories to sort all of those blog posts with similar topics together.

The app also includes some features such as offline reading, sharing articles via social media, emailing links, etc., which makes it perfect for catching up when you’re away from WiFi! The only downside I’ve found is that FeedSpot does not let writers set up notifications if they want alerts about every post published while they are using this service but there’s a free version available so users can try out their services without committing any money first.

Feedspot Features –

– Clean interface

– Offline reading mode

– Social media sharing features (sharing articles via social media, emailing links, etc.)

– Unlimited feeds and RSS subscriptions with no limits on storage space or bandwidth – Users can easily add new blogs that they find by searching on the website or make their custom categories to sort all of those blog posts with similar topics together. FeedSpot also includes some other features such as offline reading, sharing articles via social media, emailing links, etc., which makes it perfect for catching up when you’re away from WiFi! The only downside I’ve found is that FeedSpot does not let writers set up notifications if they want alerts about every post published while they are using this service.

Pabbly Connect Automation

Pabbly Connect is a cloud-based software that allows users to create, connect and manage proprietary or open-source systems. It integrates with Jira for project management, Google Analytics to track website traffic, Pivotal Tracker for agile development tracking, and other third-party services. Some of the features include roles based on certain needs (customer support team member), an Application dashboard that provides information about projects without needing access to secure data sources such as Salesforce and SQL databases; it also includes activity streams to get notifications from all your integrated sites at once time. The service can be used anywhere you have internet access via desktop or mobile device which makes it perfect when traveling!

Integromat App For Feed and Automation

With the Integromat app for Feed and Automation, users can now automate their tasks. The integrations of this vertical are built on three pillars: feed aggregation automation, data extraction from web pages and RSS feed; file conversion to PDF or Excel format; as well as document formatting like turning plain text into smart-looking tables with automatic columns widths that fit any screen size. As an application suite, it provides a wide variety of features that make completing routine work much easier!

Integromat is one of the best Yahoo Pipes alternatives available today because it not only lets you create custom automated notifications in order to keep up with what’s happening within your business but also integrates third-party services such as Jira and Google.

Features of Integromat

Integromat provides integrations with over 100 services including Jira, Google Apps, and Zapier. It is also possible to connect API keys for other apps as well.

The UI of Integromat is very simple yet powerful in terms of functionality, which helps you get the job done faster without any unnecessary steps. The platform can be used by developers who are not familiar with many programming languages because it supports JavaScript, Python or PHP scripts – all these being popular coding tools among programmers. You will find that a quick tutorial on how to use this Yahoo Pipes alternative only takes minutes to complete!