Primas A genuine alternative to the clickbait, fake news, plagiarized cesspool that is the current online… Created by Primas Technology PTY Ltd Primas is a movement to bring quality, credibility and accountability back to the Internet in the form of a decentralized platform where people can openly share ideas and are rewarded for participation.At Primas, we are committed to using blockchain technology to restructure the relationship between content creators and their community. We see it as our mission to Restore Health to the Internet through providing an alternative to fake news, plagiarism, clickbait and centralized content platforms.

Find Top 10

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Steemit Web Free Website
2 Aether Mac
Free Website
3 Pythonic News Web Self-Hosted Free Website
4 Hacker News Web Free Website
5 Quora Web Android
Free Website
6 Get Up Genie Web Free Website
7 Partiko Android
Free Website
8 PeerQ Web Free Website
9 Reddit Web Android
Android Tablet
Freemium Website
10 Web Android Free Website

Thomas M. Stewart

Stewart is a tech guy from Texas. He loves to compare different applications found online and provide a detailed comparison so that people can easily decide which app or software to use.


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