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Quality Driven Software The FIRST employee performance and customer service feedback tool that gets you rave online reviews… Created by Quality Driven Software and Team Our goal is simple. To help you be the biggest and best service provider in your area without having to be chained to your businesses on a day to day basis. We get the challenges of owning a service based because we’ve lived it! We want QDS to be a platform that allows you to enjoy the freedom to step away from your business while still maintaining quality standards and profitability. We want to see you dominate your area with a ton of positive Yelp and Google reviews. In short, I think you’ll be happy with what our software can do for you…. More Info »Here’s how it works: Through our app, you email your customer a one click survey feedback request. That feedback is tied to the employee(s) who performed the work. If everything went well, they are directed to leave a great review on your Google, Yelp, FaceBook, etc page. If things didn’t go so well, they are prompted to click complaint issues in their service. These complaint issues are specific to your industry, and, because they are tied to the employee that did the work, there will be no question as to which employees or teams need improvement in the areas in your service.

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2 1 Alternative & Similar Apps for Quality Driven & Comparisons 1 Customer Thermometer Web Commercial Website

Reasons why GoMoviesHD is a good alternative to Quality Driven

Many moviegoers are looking for an alternative to Quality Driven, a film-streaming platform that tracks employee performance and customer service feedback. GoMoviesHD is looking to create a platform with an affordable price, allowing them to offer their user base more features than Quality Driven. They are aiming to make it easier for customers to track their own quality experience, as well as view feedback from other users.