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Apps Like QuickHide & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

QuickHide Quickly and easily hide apps by double left/right click or by hotkeys Created by Lucian Boiangiu Easily and quickly hide apps by clicking inside the app. QuickHide is really easy to use and it is a great tool to enhance your workspace fluidity. It can instantly hide windows by clicking inside an app a number of times, or by pressing a custom hotkey.QuickHide can show the previously hidden window by holding right click.β€’ Features- Select between pressing a Hotkey or Clicking a number of times inside an app to Hide it- Set custom hotkey to hide app- Choose click type to hide app (double Left Click or double Right Click)- Hold Right click to unhide the recently hidden app- Activate app ( bring it frontmost ) after unhiding it by holding Right Click- Automatically hide app when loosing focus- Enable / Disable QuickHide functions anytime… More Info Β»β€’ How to useJust launch QuickHide and it will be ready to use. Enable and Disable QuickHider by checking the box in the Menu. Customize your own preferences from the Preferences Window.

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