8 Alternative & Similar Apps for Rabbit Escape & Comparisons

Rabbit Escape A game of rescuing rabbits, inspired by Lemmings and Pingus. Created by Andy Balaam Control your rabbits by dropping tokens that give them special abilities.See whether you can help them survive until they reach the exit! Choose abilities like bridge-building, wall-climbing and digging, and drop tokens for your rabbits to pick up. Help your rabbits find their way from the entrance to the exit. If you rescue enough rabbits, you can go on to the next level. Create your own levels by editing simple text files in Notepad.

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Rabbit Escape

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Lix   Mac
Free Website
3 Perchang   iPhone
Free Website
4 Dr.Phelius & Mice Escape   Android Tablet
Free Website
5 Splitter Critters   Android
Android Tablet
Commercial Website
6 Pingus   Mac
Free Website
7 Lemmings Discontinued Windows Commercial Website
8 Clones   Windows Commercial Website

Reasons why Lix is a good alternative to Rabbit Escape

In recent years, people have been increasingly concerned about how animals are being treated in the entertainment industry. The best example of this is the increasing popularity of rabbit competitions or “rabbit escapes”. However, as a result of pressure from animal rights activists and animal lovers alike, a new form of entertainment has been gaining traction: Lix. Unlike Rabbit Escape, Lix does not rely on live animals and instead relies on a robot- suit that players wear which provides an immersive VR experience.

Reasons why Perchang is a good alternative to Rabbit Escape

Rabbit Escape is a game in which players use dice to race to rescue rabbits. Players can choose to play in teams, or by themselves. The goal is to save the most rabbits before the end of the game. Players can play indefinitely, but will eventually run out of rabbits. This means that new players who join the game have an advantage over those who have been playing for a long time.

Reasons why Splitter Critters is a good alternative to Rabbit Escape

Splitter Critters is a new puzzle game that was released just last month. The game offers the player an alternative to Rabbit Escape, which has been criticized for presenting players with “distressing imagery”. Instead of being chased by a predator, the player must use their mind to rescue rabbits from an evil scientist’s lab using various pieces of equipment. Splitter Critters promises to be less stressful for gamers and their families who want to spend time together in pursuit of fun.

Reasons why Pingus is a good alternative to Rabbit Escape

Pingus is an animated game in which the player has to eliminate pesky penguins, which try to steal “penguins” (the game’s term for rabbits) for their dinner. The game features a large variety of obstacles and challenges that allow players to enjoy Pingus for years. There are tons of levels, each with their own unique quirks, so one never tires of it. It is also much slower than Rabbit Escape, allowing people who need less intensity to play.

Reasons why Lemmings is a good alternative to Rabbit Escape

Many people, especially pet owners, know the struggle of finding a good game for their family and friends that can help them relax and enjoy themselves. One such game is Lemmings. It’s a teamwork-based puzzle game that requires players to use various skills including strategy and logic to solve puzzles together in order to save their lemmings from danger. Lemmings is not only easy enough for children to play but also fun for adults as well.