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REF-N-WRITE REF-N-WRITE is a tool for English academic writing. Created by Astute Digital Solutions Ltd (UK) REF-N-WRITE is a Microsoft Word Add-in that helps you improve your English writing skills. Writers can lookup into previous documents in real-time while writing to gather content and language style ideas.This tool promotes the principle of imitation learning where writers learn from their peers by mimicking their style and vocabulary. Non-native English speakers and beginner writers can use this writing tool to improve their articles, academic essays, scientific papers and PhD thesis. More Info Β»With REF-N-WRITE, you can cross-reference cite, lookup for writing ideas, reuse your previous content and check for plagiarism easily.REF-N-WRITE provides:- Real-Time Cross-Referencing: Performs search and consolidates similar arguments and statements made in reference materials in real-time.- Text Snippets from Previous Documents: The writer can copy/paste content easily and save time.- Language and Paraphrasing Ideas: 20,000 academic sentence templates and phrases available to refine and improvise the language.- Writing Ideas: Allows users to lookup and learn from peer documents.

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1 1 Alternative & Similar Apps for REF-N-WRITE & Comparisons 1 Typeset Web Β  Freemium Website

Reasons why Typeset is a good alternative to REF-N-WRITE

English is a common language that many people around the world speak. For those who want to work in academia, it’s one of the required skills needed for this profession. As such, many educators require their students to write out academic texts in English. If you are struggling with writing again and again because of its complexity or lack of time to do so, there are tools like Typeset that will be able to help.



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