Replicator Easily replicate database table data – even with heterogeneous databases. Whether you need to simply compare two databases or set up replication, you have come to the right place. Replicator does not change the reference database in any way nor requires setting up customs agents or triggers in your databases. You can even synchronize data of heterogeneous databases (for example, compare your local SQL Server database with a MySQL replica on your website – and synchronize all the differences in just a few minutes). You can even replicate changes coming from non-relational databases (CSV, DBF, Excel documents, Paradox…)…

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL Windows Freemium Website
3 Microsoft SQL Server Windows Freemium Website
4 ApexSQL Diff Windows Commercial Website
5 dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server SQL Server Management Studio Windows Commercial Website
6 CompareData Windows Freemium Website
7 dbForge Studio for SQL Server Windows Commercial Website
8 StarInix Database Compare Windows Free Website
9 SQL Data Compare Windows Commercial Website
10 dbForge Studio for MySQL Windows Freemium Website
11 SQL Delta Windows Commercial Website
12 DataWeigher Windows Commercial Website
13 dbForge Data Compare for MySQL Windows Commercial Website
14 Oracle Data Integrator Linux
Commercial Website
15 Open DBDiff Windows Free Website
16 TiCodeX SQL Schema Compare Mac
Commercial Website
17 MssqlMerge Windows Freemium Website
18 Red Gate Sql Compare Windows Commercial Website
19 dbForge Data Compare for Oracle Windows Commercial Website
20 dbForge Studio for Oracle Windows Freemium Website
21 dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server SQL Server Management Studio Windows Commercial Website

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