11 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Resoomer & Comparisons

Resoomer Do you need to save time in your daily reading? Resoomer can help you improve your productivity by summarizing your texts for you in 1-click. This app has been developed with an algorithm based on semantic analysis.

Resoomer is the easiest and most intuitive free app to summarise texts and highlight important parts of books.

You can highlight important parts and quotes from a text easily by simply highlighting them with the app. Resoomer makes it easier to keep track of your favourite passages and helps you discover more on your favourite books. Some features that we think make the app useful: โ€ข Full highlight capabilities โ€ข Highlight all sections of the text with the special keyboard โ€ข See the number of highlighted parts of the text โ€ข See the selected text with a big red bold text โ€ข Search text by hovering over text โ€ข You can just hover over text to see the selected text in the highlights window

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 11 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Resoomer & Comparisons 1 paper-digest Web ย  Free Website
3 11 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Resoomer & Comparisons 2 WrapItUp ย  iPhone
Free Website
4 11 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Resoomer & Comparisons 3 SummarizeBot Web
Facebook Messenger
ย  Free Website
5 11 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Resoomer & Comparisons 4 Synopsis API ย  Software as a Service (SaaS)
Freemium Website
6 Summary Generator Web ย  Free Website
7 11 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Resoomer & Comparisons 5 Intellexer Summarizer Pro ย  Windows Commercial Website
8 11 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Resoomer & Comparisons 6 Optimozor Web Self-Hosted Free Website
9 Open Text Summarizer online Web ย  Free Website
10 11 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Resoomer & Comparisons 7 SMMRY Web ย  Freemium Website
11 Open Text Summarizer ย  Linux
Free Website

How to use Resoomer

Install Resoomer from the AppStore. Open Resoomer and use the number keys (i.e. “1”) to select a book or short text from your library. Enter an author’s name (or other keywords) into the box below the heading, and click the green-yellow dot above it to highlight the text. Tap the red “X” to agree and then tap the green dot above the last highlighted text to finish. Note: Pressing the green dot on a page does not mean you are “reading” the text, but rather highlighting it. When you want to highlight something else, you just press the red circle. To share the summary, tap the green share icon, select a URL and click on it to send the summary to a contact, or “reply” to an email message. Please note: Resoomer cannot read ebook files and cannot translate text.

Share text

This application has a simple interface that enables users to share texts with friends and colleagues, and also has a link to iTunes. Free version $9.99 full version Some apps have a simple interface, and some have an advanced interface. These will depend on the purpose of the app. The purpose of the app that I have described in this article was to summarise texts, and I decided to choose a simple interface. If the purpose of the app was to summarise text, I would choose an advanced interface. I have not installed or used the following applications, and I would not recommend their use.

Reasons why paper-digest is a good alternative to Resoomer

  • Paper-digest is environmentally friendly
  • Paper-digest can be stored in a file cabinet, unlike Resoomer
  • Paper-digest costs much less than Resoomer
  • Paper-digest can be customized to suit your needs and interests
  • Paper-digest doesn’t require an internet connection to use

Reasons why WrapItUp is a good alternative to Resoomer

  • WrapItUp is more portable and easier to use
  • WrapItUp has a wider variety of colors
  • WrapItUp can be used on any surface, unlike Resoomer
  • WrapItUp is less expensive than Resoomer
  • WrapItUp comes with instructions

Reasons why SummarizeBot is a good alternative to Resoomer

  • SummarizeBot is a free and easy to use tool
  • SummarizeBot provides summaries of articles in different languages
  • SummarizeBot allows users to export summaries easily
  • SummarizeBot summarizes Web pages with no need for internet connection
  • SummarizeBot saves summaries in various formats

Reasons why Synopsis API is a good alternative to Resoomer

  • Synopsis API is Free
  • Synopsis API is fast
  • Synopsis API has many options
  • Synopsis API is easy to use
  • Synopsis API has powerful settings
  • Synopsis API is a good alternative to Resoomer (Tools For Summarizing)

Reasons why Summary Generator is a good alternative to Resoomer

  • Summary Generator is Free
  • Summary Generator is Easy to Use
  • Summary Generator can be Used in Multiple Ways
  • Summary Generator Provides an Easy Way to Keep Track of What You’ve Read
  • Summary Generator Allows You to Personalize Your Reading Experience
  • Summary Generator is More Than Just a Summarizer


Contrary to the false view, reading books and summarising their contents are in no way mutually exclusive. Use the Best Apps to read more Books in 2021, and let Resoomer do the work.