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SavedReplies Saved Replies are pre-crafted responses. What are Saved RepliesSaved Replies are pre-crafted responses that you create around your frequently asked questions. Using Saved Replies can reduce response times by saving yourself from typing out the same answers over and over again. Typical examples might include your pricing information, refund policy, and solution to complex questions.Here is how you can use SavedReplies app in 2 simple steps: More Info Β» Add a new snippet by clicking on the square + icon in the left menu and set a title, shortcut, and content Write the shortcut anywhere, and it will be replaced with the content of the snippetThis way, instead of typing the same long message over, and over again, you can use a simple shortcut, and your shortcut will be replaced by our application with a longer message.Buy now Coming soonAre you doing marketing, sales, or customer support?Then keep reading, SavedReplies will help you become more productive.FeaturesHere are some of our amazing featuresiconSupports formattingYou can expand formatted text (size/color/font), you can also include images and emojis, so your emails/forum posts/social media posts will look very niceiconTrackingSee how much time you’ve saved by using our app, monitoring is an essential process if you want to improve your productivityiconShare with teammatesIf you are working in a team, you can share your snippets with your teammates.iconOnline SupportDid you encounter any problems? No problem, you can contact us anytime, and we will help you asap.iconBackup your dataYou can backup your data by exporting it to a file, and then you can import it on another machine/after a system reseticonUse it anywhereYou can use this to expand your snippets anywhere, (For example, facebook/skype/word/forums).

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1 Apps Like SavedReplies & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 1 TextExpander Mac
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2 Apps Like SavedReplies & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 2 AutoHotkey Alternatives and Similar Software Windows Free Website