15 Alternatives & Similar Apps for SearchLock & Comparisons

SearchLock SearchLock is a privacy-friendly search engine that prevents the tracking of your personal searches… Created by SearchLock SearchLock – Protects Your Privacy While You Search the Web.SearchLock is a privacy-friendly search engine that prevents the tracking of your personal searches by the big search engine companies and others.SearchLock Enhances Your Privacy.SearchLock is a search engine that helps you to protect your privacy while you search the Internet.They Are Profiling You.Don’t you hate it when you search for something, and then ads related to your searches follow you around for days? By now it’s common knowledge, but Google and other search engines are tracking and creating a detailed profile of you based on your searches. More Info »If that wasn’t bad enough, the privacy policies of the most popular search providers state that your search history may be associated with any account or other information they may have about you, such as your email address, first and last name, scans of your face from your photos, your location, and other sensitive details. Your search history is then tied to this profile to target you for a period of several months to years.Now You Can Keep Your Searches for Yourself.We believe in a search experience that doesn’t result in an invasion of your privacy. That’s why we made SearchLock. When you use SearchLock, you are protected from the big companies who are profiling you based on your searches to sell advertising.How Does the SearchLockExtension Work?The SearchLock browser extension uses patent-pending technology to detect when your search query is about to be tracked in a way that could result in ads following you around the web, re-routes it so that it isn’t, then delivers your search results via an encrypted privacy-friendly results page at searchlock.com.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Inout Search Engine Web Self-Hosted Commercial Website
3 searx Web Android
Free Website
4 Homepage.re Web   Free Website
5 Ellpedia Web   Free Website
6 WebStart Web   Free Website
7 Qwant Web
Android Tablet
Free Website
8 Black HomePage Web   Free Website
9 Disconnect Search Web
Firefox Free Website
10 Infinity Search Web   Free Website
11 Mojeek Web Firefox Free Website
12 Search Encrypt Web   Free Website
13 DuckDuckGo Web
Vivaldi Browser
Android Tablet
Free Website
14 Boomle Web   Free Website
15 SearchAll.net Web
Firefox Free Website

Reasons why searx is a good alternative to SearchLock

  • Searx is open-source and features a privacy policy which you can read on their GitHub page
  • It offers a robust search engine with the added bonus of being able to do a web proxy, where it will allow you to load any website in either a clear text or proxied mode
  • It’s fast and lightweight, which means that

Reasons why WebStart is a good alternative to SearchLock

  • Easy to use
  • Almost similar to Google
  • More secure than regular search engines
  • Finds more results than any other search engine
  • Most of the time, it will give you more accurate results than any other search engine
  • Cleaner design

Reasons why Qwant is a good alternative to SearchLock

  • Qwant provides a reliable search engine
  • Qwant is more private than SearchLock
  • Qwant’s privacy policy protects surfing habits
  • Qwant is not biased for any one search term, but shows results on the whole page
  • Qwant does not store any personal accounts on its servers
  • Qnow has an enhanced interface

Reasons why Black HomePage is a good alternative to SearchLock

  • It doesn’t store any of your personal information
  • It’s fast and easy to use
  • It’s a free and open-source project
  • It respects the privacy of its users by not connecting user searches with their IP address
  • You can choose to have all your browsing history deleted on the site, or just specific pages
  • There are no ads

Reasons why Disconnect Search is a good alternative to SearchLock

  • Disconnect Search is free
  • Disconnect Search does not track your search terms
  • Disconnect Search only stores the searches you make, not the specific URLs you visit
  • Disconnect Search can be installed on your browser with one click
  • Disconnect Search is open source
  • Disconnect Search is private