20 Alternatives & Similar Apps for SelfishNet & Comparisons

SelfishNet Block anyone or any device from using your internet Selfishnet is a tiny application that gives you full control over your WiFi network. With selfishnet you can block anyone or any device from using your internet, or simply limit their bandwidth and enjoy the higher priority.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 IVRE Web Mac
Free Website
3 PassMark WirelessMon   Windows Commercial Website
4 Debookee   Mac Commercial Website
5 snort   Linux Free Website
6 Nsauditor Network Security Auditor   Windows Commercial Website
7 Tangoe Mobile   iPhone
Free Website
8 netsniff-ng   Linux Free Website
9 PowerPing   Windows Free Website
10 Fern Wifi Cracker Aircrack-ng Linux Freemium Website
11 Acrylic Wifi   Windows Freemium Website
12 AlienVault   Linux Freemium Website
13 PacketSled Web Mac
Freemium Website
14 BLËSK   Linux Commercial Website
15 BinaryEdge Web   Freemium Website
16 Pirni Pro   iPhone Commercial Website
17 NetSleuth   Windows Free Website
18 reaver   Linux Free Website
19 ZMap   Mac
Free Website
20 iNet – Network Scanner   Mac
Freemium Website

Reasons why IVRE is a good alternative to SelfishNet

  • No need to give up your password
  • No hacking or hacking prevention
  • You can block specific websites
  • You can change the name of the wifi network
  • It’s not just for you, it’s for everyone!
  • There are different levels of blocking available
  • You can control your notifications and settings

Reasons why Debookee is a good alternative to SelfishNet

  • No more unwanted guests
  • It’s free!
  • No waiting for Wi-Fi
  • You can exclude people from your Wi-Fi network
  • It’s not just for laptops and smartphones, you can also use it on your tablet!
  • Debookee is not just for home use, but you can also use it in public spaces such as cafes

Reasons why snort is a good alternative to SelfishNet

Wifi networks have been a huge source of problems for many homes and businesses around the world. The worst is when a new family moves in next door and decides to use your bandwidth without even asking you. This happens all of the time, but luckily snort can solve this problem for you. Snort is a controlling wifi network app that lets you choose what type of devices are allowed on your network as well as change passwords as needed.

Reasons why Tangoe Mobile is a good alternative to SelfishNet

Tangoe Mobile is a new app that has been hit with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Its capabilities are unparalleled to the original, SelfishNet app which controlled users’ wifi connection so people could not access it without using the designated network. Tangoe Mobile allows everyone to have full access to their wifi connection, never being cut off.

Reasons why PowerPing is a good alternative to SelfishNet

For many years, SelfishNet has been the most widely used app for controlling wifi networks. This is because it is extremely versatile and customizable. But now, there are better alternatives out there thanks to PowerPing. PowerPing has less features than SelfishNet, but it is much easier to use. The biggest advantage of PowerPing over SelfishNet is that users can assign specific devices to specific channels so they can get clear reception on the wifi network.