15 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons

Shmeppy Your wet-erase mat. Online. Play any tabletop RPG remotely. As easy to use as your wet-erase mat: no cartographer degree required.

1. What is Shmeppy and how does it work?

Shmeppy is an app that allows tabletop RPG players to play remotely. It is currently in beta, but the company will be launching soon. The best part about this app is that you can play any of your favorite RPGs with it! Whether it’s D&D, Pathfinder, or Shadowrun, Shmeppy has you covered. 

The game itself starts on a computer screen and then the player moves their character through the virtual board which appears as if they were standing there themselves. Players can also still see all of their friends who are on Skype playing at the same time so long as they have a webcam set up on their end too! This makes for an immersive experience where everyone feels like they’re actually sitting around a table together!

2. How to play tabletop RPG remotely with Shmeppy 

What is the best way to play Dungeons and Dragons with a group of friends that live in different parts of the world? Play remotely! Here’s how: 

  • Download Shmeppy, our D&D chatbot (available on both iOS and Android), and create an account. 
  • Create an event by clicking “+ Event” at the bottom right corner of your screen or invite friends using their email address or phone number from your contact list. 
  • Invite players to join the event by typing their name in the text field under the “Invited Players” section on the top left corner of your screen, then click the “Invite Player(s)” button below it when you see the name(s) appear in the list.
  • Ask Shmeppy to roll some dice for you! Type “?roll” followed by a number of dice and modifier, for example, if you want to roll 2d20+5 enter “?roll 2 20 + 5”. You can also use your voice or just shake your phone if you have a device with a hardware keyboard. 
  • Shmeppy will tell you what happened during your turn, who is up next, and so on. This way it’s easy to follow what’s going on even when you are playing remotely using the Discord app or another communication channel at the same time. So grab your friends and give it a try!

3. Pros and cons of playing tabletop RPG remotely with Shmeppy 

Playing tabletop RPGs remotely is becoming more popular, but there are some drawbacks. To play a game of Dungeons and Dragons with an electronic device, the players need to have their devices synced up while they can’t see each other’s screens. However, if players have mics and earbuds or headphones on at all times while playing, this can be avoided by being able to talk through Skype or Discord apps. 

Pros: -Playing games remotely will allow people that cannot meet in person due to distance or time constraints to play together -The only equipment needed are laptops/computers/smartphones for everyone involved -It allows for mobility when gaming since one doesn’t need a table. 

Cons: -Players without microphones won’t be able to communicate -Since nothing needs physical contact, it increases the chances of cheating if players have no morals/are trying to sabotage each other.

Other notes: -The only piece of equipment that will need to be invested in is a laptop or something else that can run Skype or Discord on it -Wifi should always be used when playing multiplayer games through this method instead of cellular data. Cellular data doesn’t have nearly as good of latency compared to wifi so it would increase the amount of possible lag experienced while using Cellular Data

Due to advancements in technology, multiplayer gaming has become more accessible. Being able to play games with people around the world without having to deal with language barriers makes for an interesting way to meet new people.

4. Examples of using the other features of Shmeppy for your RP needs (e.g., DMing)

Shmeppy is a new app that I just discovered. It’s free and it’s pretty sweet! Shmeppy has many cool features to help you with your rp needs, so let me show you some of my favorite ones!  

a: Slideshow- If you’re looking for something quick and easy, this feature is perfect. You can upload up to 10 photos at once or take them one by one on the spot. There are different layouts (e.g., grid) and filters (e.g., black & white), which makes it very easy to edit pictures quickly like if they were taken on the fly or edited in advance for extra flair!

b: Storyboard- This feature is really great because it makes it easy to visualize your story. You can insert up to 10 images per slide and are able to customize them using filters (e.g., black & white) or even turning these into a slideshow!

c: Collage- If you’re looking for something fun to do, this feature is perfect for you! There are up to 3 layouts that you can use with different photo sizes. Some examples include grids or one big picture collage where you can customize the background color/picture(s). Another cool thing about this feature is that there are no sides on top or bottom of each image so everything appears in full-screen mode.

d:. Creates an interesting effect when viewing the final collage.

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#ImageApp NameFeaturesPlatformsPriceWebsite Link
115 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 1MipuiWeb FreeWebsite
315 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 2DJ’s Dungeon MapperWeb FreeWebsite
415 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 3Beyond TabletopWeb FreeWebsite
515 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 4Tabletop RPG Map editor 2Web FreeWebsite
615 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 5ANAmapWeb FreeWebsite
715 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 6RPG map editorWeb FreeWebsite
815 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 7GridmapperWeb FreeWebsite
915 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 8Astral TabletopWeb FreemiumWebsite
1015 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 9Illwinter’s Floorplan Generator Mac
11Dungeon Painter Studio Alternatives and Similar Software WindowsCommercialWebsite
1215 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 10Dungeon SketchDiscontinuedAndroidFreeWebsite
1315 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 11Roll20WebAndroid
Android Tablet
1415 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 12Standard ActionWeb FreeWebsite
1515 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Shmeppy & Comparisons 13Dungeon PainterWeb FreeWebsite

Reasons why Mipui is a good alternative Shmeppy

  • Mipui is free
  • Mipui is safe and secure
  • Mipui will keep your kids out of your hair
  • Mipui has a ton of great games to play
  • Your grandparents would love it too

Reasons why Beyond Tabletop is a good alternative to Shmeppy

  • Play any tabletop RPG remotely
  • Avoid situations where dice rolls don’t go your way
  • When you’re not able to get to a gaming group
  • Build up on your creativity and imagination
  • Play with people who are continents away on the internet
  • Privacy and personal space

Reasons why ANAmap is a good alternative to Shmeppy

  • The game will be played remotely
  • Players can join the game without any prior knowledge
  • It’s easier to get started with remote tabletop RPGs
  • You can play tabletop games with people all over the world
  • The game is played in real time
  • It’s perfect for introverts

Reasons why RPG map editor is a good alternative to Shmeppy

  • RPG map editor lets you edit maps in your browser
  • You can quickly create a map without having to worry about technical difficulties
  • If you spend hours on the computer anyways, why not have an awesome side project?
  • RPG map editor is fun for all ages!
  • RPG map editor is free and easy to use!
  • RPG map editor is more

Reasons why Gridmapper is a good alternative to Shmeppy

  • Gridmapper is available in a browser and can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Gridmapper doesn’t require any additional software to use
  • Gridmapper has a lot of features
  • Gridmapper is cheaper than Shmeppy
  • Gridmapper has a great customer service team
  • Gridmapper is more customizable than Shmeppy