6 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Snappy App & Comparisons

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Handy Screenshot Web
Firefox Free Website
2 Awesome Screenshot Chrome Mac
Freemium Website
3 Spectacle   Linux Free Website
4 Awesome Screenshot Minus Web



  Free Website
5 ScreenFloat   Mac Commercial Website
6 Greenshot   Mac
Freemium Website

Reasons why Handy Screenshot is a good alternative to Snappy App

Handy Screenshot is a free screenshot app that can be used as a replacement for the iOS default, Snappy App. The app is not only convenient and easy to use, but also offers a number of other features not available with the default software. One such feature includes the ability to take screenshots from menu buttons. This is helpful when taking multiple screenshots from various apps at one time.

Reasons why Awesome Screenshot is a good alternative to Snappy App

There are many reasons why Awesome Screenshot is a better alternative to the default Screenshots app on your phone. The first is that it provides a lot of more features. For instance, you can crop, edit and share your screenshots much easier than in the default Screenshots app which takes up much less space on your phone. This app also has built-in image editing tools and allows users to flip and rotate their screenshot by 360 degrees in order to capture the whole image.

Reasons why Spectacle is a good alternative to Snappy App

Spectacle is a good alternative to the Snappy App (Screenshot app) because it has many of the same features and is less expensive. Spectacle is an open source app that offers most of the same features as Snappy, and it is free. It can capture screenshots of your screen and applies quick-image effects such as blur and grayscale to your screenshot before saving it. The new update makes it easier to adjust settings from the menu bar rather than opening a new window.

Reasons why ScreenFloat is a good alternative to Snappy App

ScreenFloat is an alternative to the Snappy App for making screenshots. The main function of ScreenFloat is to take a screenshot, which you can then edit before sharing. Users are able to quickly email, share via Instagram or Facebook, or save the screenshot with just one tap. This app also saves time because it eliminates the need to crop and upload images separately. The app includes features such as: customizable filters and borders; a timer; and a quick one-touch publishing feature.

Reasons why Greenshot is a good alternative to Snappy App

Many people use a picture editing app to make their pictures look better, but there are many other reasons why Greenshot is a better alternative. Greenshot is a free and open-source screenshot application for Windows. It has a simple, lightweight interface that everyone can use. Unlike other screenshot applications, it doesn’t have any advertisements or invasive features that may distract from taking screenshots.