Apps Like & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today is an online SoundCloud downloader which can be used to download any song from… Download songs from Soundcloud via our Soundcloud to MP3 Converter and save it on your computer easily for free. You can convert any song to MP3 format.

Features of SoundCloud2Mp3 is a great service for converting your favorite Soundcloud tracks to mp3 files so that you can take them with you on the go! The site not only offers free conversion services but also provides a free download of the converted track as well as an option to purchase it for personal use. The company uses state-of-the-art technology and guarantees 100% satisfaction with their products.

1. is a free service that allows you to convert your favorite songs from SoundCloud to mp3
2. Uploading music is easy, just select the song on SoundCloud and click “Convert”
3. They have over 1 million tracks available for conversion so there are plenty of options
4. The site also has an online player where you can listen to your converted track without downloading it first
5. You can share the link to your uploaded track with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or text message if you want them to hear it too!
6. There’s no limit on how many times you can upload a single song either – use this as an opportunity for creating playlists that never end!
7) This website is great because they don’t watermark their files like other services do – meaning all of our conversions are completely royalty-free!
8) Converting tracks takes less than 10 seconds per song which means this site isn’t going slow up your computer while converting everything in one go like some sites do…
9) …and last but not least, when using this website we take care of all the legal stuff involved in uploading copyrighted tracks and media. 

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Reasons Why People Look For Alternatives

Soundcloud2MP3 is a website that lets users to download music from SoundCloud. But it has been recently closed and so the authorized folks behind this service took down the site and other media sources suggest that they might come up with a paid platform as said by one of their tweets: ” The golden age of free music downloads will be back soon! Our mission continues as we rebuild!”.

Here are some reasons of why people may look for similar software like SC2MP3:

  • SoundCloud is not available in some countries
  • SoundCloud has a limit on the number of downloads
  • People want to download music for offline use
  • Some people prefer listening to music in mp3 format
  • Some people are looking for better quality sound

But, if you were part of those who loved this service then there are some chances that you would like to find an alternative for downloading music from Soundcloud and here we present some alternatives or at least options which can be used:

1. Use Browser Extension: There are various browser extensions available like Bandcamp, Mixcloud Downloader, etc which can be used to download music from Soundcloud.

2. Use YouTube Audio Library: This one is an interesting option that can be used for downloading music from Soundcloud. Like the extension method, here too you need some browser extensions, but this time they are meant for adding more songs to your YouTube “Audio Library”.

3. Using Google Cache: For some songs, even though the website has been deleted and you might find that the song is still available through its cached version (for searching in google). Although, such songs last only for few hours and then disappear also people might not like the quality of such audio files. So, we request our readers to try this method only for few selected songs which are difficult to find.

4. Using Google Search: This is the simplest of all methods, but might not work at times. But, if you have some lyrics of the song then try searching it on Google with filetype as “lyrics” and your targeted song’s name behind it. For example, if you are trying to download “tum hi ho” then it will be written as “Tum hi ho lyrics”. Although, this too depends on how many results your search gets for that particular query.

5. Using YouTube Audio Library Extension: Like Soundcloud downloading extension mentioned above, you can also use a browser plugin for this purpose named YouTube Audio Library.