Apps Like SSuite File Shredder & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

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SSuite File Shredder Completely shred all your most sensitive files with the utmost confidence. Created by Van Loo Software Do you have the need to destroy and shred your most secretive, sensitive, or private files without a trace?…Now you have the opportunity to erase and clean your files from your hard drive, usb memory card, or any other memory device without being able to bring them back to life ever again. This application takes your files and overwrites them with random data at least 35 times by default, before being deleted, to make sure they never see the light of day. More Info ยปIt also has a paranoia setting to increase the number of times random data is written over your files data space. Just remember that the higher this value is and the larger your files are, the longer it will take your system to completely shred it out of existence.So go ahead and get complete security in knowing that your files will be completely and absolutely shredded and cleaned from your system or hard drive. This distribution also includes our other security app called Picsel Security for complete peace of mind.What’s new in this version:- This application now also has an encryption setting that will encrypt your files before shredding them. (64-Bit Encryption with randomly generated keys for each file)This application is completely and absolutely portable. There is also a desktop edition on their website.

Find Top 10
SSuite File Shredder

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Kernel File Shredder Windows Commercial Website
3 Permanent Eraser Mac Free Website
4 Lowvel Windows Free Website
5 Easy File Shredder Windows Freemium Website
6 BitRaser Self-Hosted
Commercial Website
7 Darik’s Boot and Nuke Discontinued Mac
Freemium Website
8 Active@ KillDisk Windows Freemium Website
9 DriveScrubber Windows Commercial Website
10 File Shredder Discontinued Windows Free Website
11 Eraser
Free Website
12 DiskGenius Windows Freemium Website
14 Context-Shredder Windows Free Website
15 SDelete Windows Free Website
16 WipeFile Windows Free Website
17 Permadelete Windows Free Website
18 wipe Linux Free Website
19 EraserDrop
Free Personal Website
20 HDShredder Windows Freemium Website
21 Robusta File Shredder Discontinued Windows Freemium Website
22 xShredder Discontinued Windows Free Website
23 Alternate File Shredder Windows Free Website
24 Zer0 Windows Free Website
25 UltraShredder Discontinued Windows Free Website
26 BCWipe Mac
Commercial Website
27 AppleXsoft File Eraser Windows Commercial Website
28 Hardwipe Windows Freemium Website
29 DockShredder Mac Free Website
30 Mobile Node Discontinued Android Free Website
31 BitRaser for File Mac
Commercial Website
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