Startup View Startup View is a Startup Program, Auto Shutdown Manager and Task Scheduler in one. Created by Startup View What is Startup View?Startup View is a Startup Program, Auto Shutdown Manager and Task Scheduler in one. This means you can make your PC boot faster, shut down your PC whenever you want and launch programs at any time and date.How it works?Under the Startup Manager tab you can choose which programs should start up automatically after your PC is booted up. You can add and delete programs as you wishโ€ฆ More Info ยปAnother feature is being able to schedule when you want your PC to shut down. You can automatically log-off or restart at any day and any time you want.A special feature is that you can also set a specific date and time for a program to start up. If for example you often use your browser on Saturday and Sunday, you can set Startup View to launch the internet browser at those days on specific times. These tasks can be managed under the Task Scheduler Tab.

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Startup View

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Daxtar’s Shutdown Timer Discontinued Windows Free Website
3 Shutter Windows Free Personal Website
4 RoboIntern Windows Free Website
5 Task Scheduler Windows Free Website
6 AMP WinOFF Alternatives and Similar Software Windows Free Website
7 Autoruns
Free Website
8 Startup Control Panel Discontinued Windows Free Website
9 MSConfig Windows Free Website
10 VisualCron Windows Commercial Website
11 Dshutdown Windows Free Website
12 Shutdown8 Windows Free Website
13 System Scheduler Windows Freemium Website
14 Startup Manager (st-m) Discontinued Windows Free Website
15 Wise Auto Shutdown Windows Free Website
16 NPowerTray Windows Free Website
17 Scheduled tasks GNOME Linux Free Website
18 SleepTimer Ultimate Android
Free Website
19 AutoRunnerX, AutoRunnerU Windows Free Personal Website
20 StartUpLite Windows Free Website
21 Airytec Switch Off Discontinued Windows Free Website

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