TextSheet Alternatives For Students And Learning Enthusiasts

If you are looking for a new learning platform to use in your classroom or business, then this blog post is for you! We will explore 7 alternatives to textsheet, such as the Google Suite of tools and Quizlet. These platforms offer various features that make them unique and useful in different ways. I hope that by reading this blog post, you will find an alternative that suits your needs!

textsheet alternatives

Here Are 8 Textsheet.com Alternatives:

1. OpenSesame

2. Quizlet

3. Kahoot!

4. Socrative

5. ClassDojo

6. Google Forms (Forms)

7. PollEverywhere (Polling)

8. Nearpod (Mobile Learning)

9. Edpuzzle

10. Google Docs or Sheets (online)

11. Socrative (online) – this is a quiz-based learning platform that allows teachers to create quizzes and assign them to students in the class, as well as track their progress over time.

12. Duolingo

Let’s Learn About Every Textsheet Alternatives Here In Detail (One By One) –

Duolingo Features

Duolingo is a popular language-learning application that has been top rated by the New York Times, Forbes.com and other sources. It’s free to sign up for, but it does require in-app purchases of various languages (in order to get more features). For example: if you want to learn French on Duolingo, you’ll need to purchase their “French Pack” which costs $29.99 or .066 per day with no cancellation option available (according to the website as of August 2017). The good thing about this app is that they offer over 20 different language options for learners!

Memrise Features – 

Memrise has some very innovative features such as “mems,” where words are broken, you will get the wrong word and the right one. Memrise also offers courses with “memories” which are visual aspects to help you remember words better

Babbel Features – Babbel is a language-learning app that has over 80 different languages for learners! They offer many features such as vocabulary builder, virtual voice teacher, speech recognition and more. Their in-app purchases range from $14.99/month (basic), $19.99/month (standard) or 29.99 per month (premium). The basic plan does not allow downloading course material offline but does have unlimited access to all levels of lessons on their website; standard allows download offline content up to level 11; premium includes additional benefits like review sessions, grammar exercises and so on.

OpenSesame Features – 

OpenSesame is an open-source learning platform for statistics, computing and machine learning. It also has many features that help learners such as interactive exercises (which can be used offline), math mode to calculate answers with steps shown in the course material, practice quizzes and more! The monthly subscription ranges from $14/month (basic) or $29 per month (premium). Basic plan includes unlimited access to all courses on their website; premium allows learners to download any content they wish.

Quizlet Features In Detail –

-Course Builder: learners can use Quizlet’s course builder to curate courses and share them with anyone.

-Quizzes: creators of the course or teacher are able to create quizzes, which they then share with their students. The creator is also able to assign points for each quiz that a student takes on the platform using this feature.

-Flashcards & Study Lists: any flashcard sets from other sources (such as Anki) can be imported into Quizlet where learners will have access to both sides of the cards; study lists allow users to go through many questions at once while playing audio in order.

-Study Sets: these include preloaded content such as vocabulary sets.

Kahoot Features

-Lessons: courses with a series of questions in order.

-Playlists: Kahoot users can build different types of playlists that they then share and collaborate on with friends, such as studying for an exam or going through the basics of math functions.

-Quizzes: quizzes are made by teachers to test their students’ knowledge; these quizzes are shared among all other educators who have access to this feature so from previous iterations will be recorded on each question page, allowing future learners to see how well they did after taking the quiz themselves.”

Socrative Features

-Socrative is designed to help teachers and students measure understanding in real time.

-There are two types of assessments that can be created: surveys, which ask a series of questions about the material being taught or studied; and polls, where learners vote on their response to an issue raised by the teacher.”

With Textsheet as its base platform, Kahoot offers more features like Lessons (courses with a series of questions), Playlists (users build different types of playlists they then share and collaborate on with friends) Quizzes (quiz made by teachers to test their student’s knowledge).

ClassDojo Features

-ClassDojo is a mobile app that enables teachers to track behavior, distribute rewards and report on student activity.

-You can use ClassDojo for anything from greeting your students in the morning or keeping them engaged during long periods of independent work.”

“Students earn points for good deeds like praising others or volunteering their time as well as completing tasks assigned by the teacher. Earn enough points and they get rewarded with cool prizes such as extra recess time, free ice cream at lunchtime, or even choosing what subject they want to study next!”

“The parents are shown a dashboard where they can see how their child’s day went; this makes it easier to congratulate them when you find out about something great he or she did and reward them”.

Google Docs Or Sheets Features

-Google Docs and Sheets are a great way to work on group projects or assignments.

“It’s very easy to collaborate with other students or even teachers if you need help.”

“The file history feature lets you see who made the most changes, so it won’t be hard for your teacher to make sure that no one is cheating”.

Nearpod Features

-Nearpod is a platform that will make your learning interactive. It is is an online platform where teachers around the world share multimedia content based on what they teach. Videos, animations, graphics etc… Students receive scores when they answer questions correctly.

“You can get points for answering questions correctly and use those to unlock new levels or activities.”

“It’s all of the fun without any stress, which makes it great for students who are hesitant about school.”

Edpuzzle Features

-Edpuzzle is a great place to go if you’re looking for interactive lessons.

“It has tons of free videos, assignments, and quizzes that are all about the subjects we learned in school.”

“There are so many different topics that it feels like I never get bored with my learning!”

Teachers can also join Edpuzzle and create their own classes to make them more engaging or even just upload handouts they created on Google Drive. This way students can do homework from anywhere!

Hope you got your favorite alternatives today and you need no looking back again. Cheers!