Yahoo Chat Rooms Alternative

The 10 Best Yahoo Chat Rooms Alternative

One of the most popular chat room sites on the Internet is Yahoo. However, Yahoo chat rooms have been discontinued due to a new law that was passed in 2013. This has left many users wondering where they can go to find an alternative for Yahoo chat rooms. In this article, we will discuss 10 different options for chat room websites that are alternatives to Yahoo Chat Rooms and allow you to connect with people from all over the world!

Best Yahoo Chat Rooms Alternative

Yahoo Chat Rooms Alternatives:

1. Skype 

2. Google Hangouts 

3. Facebook Messenger

4. Discord 

5. Slack 

6. Gitter

7. Find a chat room on some other website 

8. Join an IRC channel.

9. IRC


Skype is a chat room service that allows you to chat with people on the Internet. There are many benefits to Skype over Yahoo Chat Rooms, such as video and voice chats which can make chatting more fun! You can also send pictures or files if you need to communicate something visually. Another benefit of using Skype instead of Yahoo Chats is that it’s free for use, unlike Yahoo where there may be some monthly fees associated with membership.

When looking for an alternative chat service like Yahoo chat rooms, this one should definitely be added into consideration due to its ease of use and flexibility in features.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a chat service that many people use to chat with others. One of the biggest benefits is the conversation history, which can be saved for up to 30 days meaning you don’t have to worry about forgetting what was said when talking back and forth! You also cannot delete or edit your messages once they are sent so it makes conversations more honest and less likely there will be confusion caused by misunderstandings in communication.

Another great benefit of Google Hangouts over Yahoo Chat Rooms is that it has video chatting capabilities so if you want to see who you’re speaking with face-to-face then this should definitely interest you! The features make these services quite different but both offer their own set of pros and cons.

Facebook Messenger

One of the most popular chat apps out there is Facebook Messenger. What’s so great about this app? Well, first it has a wide range of features such as being able to find and message your friends no matter where they are in the world! You can also send stickers and even money via PayPal if you ever need anything while on the go (awesome!). The only downside is that these chats will be saved indefinitely unlike Apple Messages which deletes messages after 30 days for both parties. If you want to conceal some conversations then make sure to use an incognito mode before sending them!


The discord chat app is an excellent choice for gamers. It’s free software and it’s specially designed to connect people who share a common interest, be that gaming or any other hobby out there. You can join servers that are moderated by the community themselves so you know they’re safe and high-quality! There’s also voice chat built right in if your group wants to talk while playing video games together! This service uses your phone’s data plan instead of WiFi meaning you won’t have to worry about always being connected with Discord on the go . The only downside? It doesn’t support mobile web browsers yet but we expect this feature will come soon enough !!!

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This chat app lets you join public and private channels where you can chat with others, have voice chat conversations, or share media like videos. If your group wants to talk while playing video games together then Slack is the perfect service for that! It also has a great mobile web browser version so if you’re in need of some online chatting at any time then this is the best way to do it. And no matter what device you are using, be it a laptop or tablet computer, all chats will sync up automatically meaning there’s never a moment when someone missed something important.


Gitter is a chat app with an emphasis on developer-related conversations. You can find lots of technical topics from people who are working in the industry and they also have channels for Q&A. Gitter has been known to be very welcoming if you’re new to development or programming so it’s a great place for beginners. They also offer private chats which makes them perfect when developing things that need more security measures.

This service lets developers share code snippets, ask questions, and provide feedback all within one chatroom! The best part about this site is that it doesn’t seem like anything else out there because instead of just viewing text messages you’ll get notifications visually through animated gifs, videos, pictures, etcetera.

Find A Chat Room On Some Other Website And List The Chat Room And Website.

Gitter: Gitter is a chat service for developers to share code snippets, ask questions, provide feedback all within one chatroom! The best part about this site is that it doesn’t seem like anything else out there because instead of just viewing text messages you’ll get notifications visually through animated gifs, videos, pictures etcetera.

Slack: Slack has been popular with businesses looking to be more connected in their day-to-day communications. It’s also great for chatting with colleagues or friends on different projects from around the world. There are some neat features such as screen sharing which make slack an even better place for collaborating together remotely.

Join An IRC Channel.

IRC chat rooms are an old, but still a popular way to chat. They’re text-based and typically require clients like HexChat or IRCCloud for you to join a server with channels on it.

The best part is that there’s no app store approval process so the only limit is your internet connection speed! You can also connect from any device as long as you have access to the web browser – even if it’s through an iPhone or iPad. But be warned: all chats in IRC happen live so anything you say will show up right away which might make some people uncomfortable who prefer privacy when chatting online.

IRC chatrooms are great because they’re life.

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So what is the alternative to Yahoo chat? That’s where my blog comes in! You’ll be able to find some really good options for chatting online without having your privacy violated and it will only take you a few minutes! Check out these three places that we recommend and start having fun today: [link]

* These channels come with an extensive list of features such as embedded media support, emoticons, highlighting messages from other people, and more! And if there’s something specific you need or want then just ask one of our experts – they’re here 24/07 to help anyone get started.

Here are three of our favorite IRC chatrooms:

* – Anime chat room for all your anime needs!

* – C++ programming language chatroom where you can ask the experts anything about it!

* Freenode.#GitHub, #python, etc… – Hundreds of other IRC channels available on this website. Just click on one and join it to see what’s going on there!