The 10 WhatsDog Alternatives

There are many websites that offer similar services to, but not all of them work as well. For example, WhatsApp is a popular messaging service that is known for its low data usage and the ability to send voice messages. Whatsdog has both of these features as well, but it also lets you message people who aren’t in your phone’s contact list or add filters to your photos.

Here Are The 10 WhatsDog Alternatives

1. Bark

2. Petzi 

3. Woof Meow

4. Whistle 3 GPS Tracker for Dogs 

5. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Video Camera and Treat Dispenser for Pets 

6. The Dog Tipper App (iOS) 

7. Walkies! – The Interactive Virtual Dog World (Android) 

8. Wag! (Android, iOS)

9. Pawshake: Search & Adopt a Pet Near You (iOS, Android) 10. Doggy Dental Care


Some of the features include a barking alert that can be controlled remotely, GPS tracking for finding your dog’s location, and emergency alerts if they’re hurt. You can also add videos to your profile page which are great because it shows off what kind of pet you have or how much fun they’ve been having while exploring their surroundings on a walk. For those who live in an area where there are coyotes living nearby, some bark users suggest adding motion-activated lights around the perimeter of the yard so that any predators will know when someone has entered into their territory and scare them off before coming too close.

What makes this app one of our favorites is not just its well-thought-out functionality but also how easy it is to use and navigate.


Petzi is another great pet tracker for all your dogs. It’s really easy to use and it has a lot of features that will make you feel like they’re never lost again with GPS tracking, geofencing, remote camera activation, voice recording messages, and more! The only downside to this app is that there are some people who have reported having trouble getting their wifi turned on (although Petzi claims everything should work right out of the box). Other than that we think this one is worth checking out too if whatsdog alternative isn’t your thing!

In addition to giving you an accurate location through GPS monitoring and mapping within the mobile phone or computer apps, some service providers offer emergency alerts when pets wander into unwanted areas like functionality but also how easy it is to use and navigate.

Woof Meow

Woof Meow is another great option for pet owners who want to have more control over their pup’s location. The app allows you to set up your route so that the GPS will track, monitor, and map where your dog goes while you’re at work or on vacation! Plus, it has a feature called geofencing which ensures if they ever go out of a designated area (and enter an unsafe zone) then it’ll notify you as soon as possible through text message notifications. This one also offers remote camera activation- meaning no matter where in the world he’s running around you can keep tabs by taking pictures from afar with this handy little tool! It supports voice recording messages too but only comes with 500MB of free storage space which might not be enough for some people.

Whistle 3 GPS Tracker For Dogs聽

This one is a really great option if you’re looking for something with advanced features but still not the most expensive one on the market. It’s also pretty cool because it offers an activity monitor that can give you stats like, how much exercise your dog got and even calories they burned! They offer unlimited data storage which means no matter what type of information you want to keep track of this app will have plenty of room for all those pictures, videos, and voice recordings too! This tracker has been around since 2009 so its reputation precedes itself- plus they’ve had time to work out any kinks or bugs in their system by now. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a camera function which might be important if people who are more serious about their dog’s behavioral training need to keep track of how they’re doing.

The best thing about this company is that whatsdog alternative tracker has a lower price point than the competition which means you won’t have to compromise on features with your budget! WhatsDog offers more in-depth analysis for people who are really interested in watching over their pup and what tricks or commands they’ve learned from one day to the next. It also helps users measure distance traveled, calories burnt and time spent outside. They also offer a special feature where you can set up zones around your house so if Fido leaves his designated play area you’ll be able to know immediately without having to dig through all those pictures trying to find out when he went missing last.

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Video Camera And Treat Dispenser For Pets聽

This camera is your pet’s lifeline to the world. It lets you see what they’re up to and talk with them through a built-in speaker system so that they never feel alone. The Pawbo Life video camera has a Wi-Fi range of up to 50 meters, meaning it can go wherever your cat goes outdoors or into another room in the house! And this does not forget their inner animal: treat dispenser included for more interactive fun at home or on the go

The Video Camera Keeps You Connected To Your Pet From Anywhere In The World.

Pawbo Life Features A Treat Dispenser For More Interactive Fun At Home Or On The Go.

The Dog Tipper App (iOS)

The Dog Tipper App is a dog walking app that makes it fast and easy to find and book reliable, safe and affordable local dog walkers. No more looking through long lists of unqualified or overpriced services! We’ve made the process simple by bringing together vetted professionals who are interested in caring for your pup while you’re at work.

Book A Professional And Safe Dog Walker From The Comfort Of Your Own Home – Instantly! 脗路 All Our Professionals Are Fully Vetted, Qualified And Insured 路 Prices As Low As $15/Hour (Or Less) 路 Book Up To 30 Days In Advance Or Whenever You Like 脗路 Get 50% Off First Half Hour For New Customers With Promo Code  “DOGTIME”

Walkies! – The Interactive Virtual Dog World (Android)

What’s the best interactive virtual dog world for Android? 脗路 Walkies! is a free, silly, and fun multiplayer game that lets you take care of your own furry friend. You can dress them up in clothes to make them look fabulous or give them weird haircuts if you’re feeling particularly creative. 脗路 With this app, you’ll always have company no matter where life takes you because all of your friends are right there with you inside the phone.

Book A Professional And Safe Dog Walker From The Comfort Of Your Own Home – Instantly! 脗路 All Our Professionals Are Fully Vetted, Qualified, And Insured 路 Prices As Low As $15/Hour (Or Less).

Wag! (Android, iOS)

Wag! is a mobile app that allows you to book and pay for dog walking services, as well as keep track of when your pup last went on his walk. If you’re not already subscribed to Wag!, then the cost per month varies depending on how many walks you want to be scheduled or if they are available in your area. You can always cancel at any time with no added fees. 脗路 This interactive virtual dog world also has an innovative feature where users can “scoop” up (or adopt) stray dogs who need some love without having to worry about paying additional money after their adoption fee.

Pawshake: Search & Adopt a Pet Near You (iOS, Android)

Pawshake is a mobile app that allows you to search for and adopt pets near you.脗 脗 The free version of the Pawshake app includes ads, while the premium paid-for version removes ads as well as features discounts on pet food through their partnership with Petco. As an adopter, one major perk is being able to see which animals are available in your area before ever leaving home!

Doggy Dental Care :

One of the most popular ways to keep your dog healthy is through a dental cleaning.脗 脗 This is often done by removing plaque, tartar, and other harmful bacteria from their teeth so that they are able to create natural saliva in order to protect themselves. In some cases where dogs have been found with severe periodontal disease due to lack of care, surgical procedures will be required. However, if you find any signs or red flags such as bleeding gums when petting them then it’s always best for an expert check-up first! Doggy Dental Care can help keep your pup happy and healthy all year long.