The 5 Best Alternative To Soundabout

Soundabout is a popular app for downloading and listening to podcasts on your smartphone. It has a number of problems, which this article will discuss. The first problem with Soundabout is that it doesn’t play in the background when you’re using other apps on your phone. This means that if you want to listen to a podcast while checking social media or playing games, then you’ll have to constantly switch back and forth between apps just so that you can keep up with what’s going on in the podcast while also keeping up with what’s happening online. Another major issue is how difficult it can be to find new podcasts within the app itself, as well as how hard it can be sometimes even to find ones that are already downloaded.

5 Best Alternative To Soundabout:

1. The best alternative to Soundabout is a service called TuneIn Radio 

2. TuneIn Radio has over 100,000 stations that span across genres and languages

3. Audiocastle 

4. Audiojungle 

5. The Voice of America

The Best Alternative To Soundabout Is A Service Called TuneIn Radio

Soundabout is a great way to listen to podcasts, but many users have found it has issues that can make the app more difficult and time-consuming. It also doesn’t show you what’s happening on social media or other websites, which makes it much harder for listeners to stay up with everything that’s going on online. Another major issue is how difficult it can be to find new podcasts within the app itself, as well as how hard it can be sometimes even to find ones that are already downloaded.

In comparison, TuneIn Radio is an excellent alternative because of its ability to let people listen live without any kind of connection or WiFi access required. The interface includes options for favorites and stations by genre so finding exactly.

TuneIn Radio Has Over 100,000 Stations That Span Across Genres And Languages, Not To Mention Podcasts:

TuneIn Radio has over 100,000 stations that span across genres and languages, not to mention podcasts. You can find anything from music of all kinds to talk radio or news broadcasts in many different languages like Arabic, Farsi, French and more. TuneIn is also a great alternative because it doesn’t require WiFi access or any kind of connection whatsoever which means you can listen live without worrying about bringing along your phone’s charger for fear of running out of battery life.

What roundabout does well: SoundAbout does do one thing very well – the app makes listening easier on listeners by giving them control over things such as their playback speed and how long they want an episode played before automatically switching to last. It also provides a lot of customization options for podcasts and audiobooks that listeners can’t get on other apps like TuneIn Radio or YouTube because they don’t have the same types of features.

What roundabout doesn’t do well: SoundAbout has been criticized by many users for not working properly unless you’re in an area with WiFi access, which means people who are listening to audiobooks while driving away from any kind of connectivity zone might experience some issues such as having their playback stop in mid-episode (or at all) if it loses connection to the network.


Audiocastle is one of the best alternatives to Soundabout, but it does have some drawbacks. The app only works for podcasts and audiobooks specifically downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet in a podcasting application like iTunes. Audiocastle doesn’t let you stream podcasts without downloading them first. This means that if someone wants to listen to something they might need to go out of their way by buying an episode on iTunes before they can download it in Audiocastle (which is not possible with SoundAbout). It also has fewer playback speed options than other apps are available, which makes it difficult for listeners who want more control over how fast a podcast plays as well as how long they want an episode played before.


The Audiojungle app is a very popular alternative to SoundAbout. It’s also available on Android and Apple devices, which makes it easy for anyone who wants the same experience of streaming on their phone or tablet as they do with podcasts through iTunes. All you have to do in order to get started listening is download the audiojoulnde application from your device store, then go into the Audiobunny library where you can find any podcast episode that may be interesting to listen to (this includes audiobook episodes). You’ll be able to see if there are already episodes downloaded onto your device before downloading them again so that they’re at 100% quality without needing an internet connection. There are different playback speeds depending on how fast people want.

The Voice Of America

This is a new podcast about the Voice of America, which was created to provide unbiased information for people in other countries who don’t have access to it. This sounds like an interesting topic and I would love to listen through this podcast.

The Voice of America is a worldwide broadcasting service that has been around since 1942 when it first started out as propaganda radio broadcasts from London during World War II. It now provides impartial news reports and current affairs programs all over the world with many languages spoken on its network (28 languages are currently aired). The VOA also provides programming directed at American audiences, including five hours per day of English language shortwave broadcast aimed at Asia, Europe, and Africa; two channels called “America Abroad”.