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Timekpr-nExT parental time control revived Timekpr-nExT – a new, simple and easy to use time managing software that helps optimizing time spent at computer. This version is very precise at time accounting and has many new features over timekpr-revived.Timekpr-nExT has 2 user facing applications – one for showing time and notifications and one for administration purposes.It might be useful to families to prevent excessive computer use by children or limit computer time for other reasons. More Info Β»It’s built with technologies which exposes Timekpr engine to D-BUS, therefore it can be integrated into any other client application or control panels which support D-BUS, however, from user perspective, Timekpr-nExT is just a simple GUI app, no techcnical skills required to use it – absolutely user friendly.Timekpr-nExT is available in my ppa: https://launchpad.

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