11 Alternative & Similar Apps for webcam.io & Comparisons

webcam.io Cloud service to create live time-lapse views and more using collected webcam / IP camera images. Created by Knut Möller IT-Service Upgrade your IP camera or webcam with the live time-lapse feature, create clips, add a text overlays and embed into your website. Cloud service – only your camera required.- Full HD Videos are generated at the end of the day- Live time-lapse player (javascript)- Up to 60 days image and video storage.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 iStopMotion   Mac
Commercial Website
3 iTimeLapse   iPhone
Commercial Website
4 Stop Motion Studio   Windows S
Apple Watch
Android Tablet
Commercial Website
5 GBDeflicker   Mac
Commercial Website
6 FrameByFrame Discontinued Mac Free Website
7 LRTimelapse   Mac
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Commercial Website
8 Panolapse   Mac
Freemium Website
9 Time-Lapse Tool   Windows Freemium Website
10 Stop Motion   iPhone
Commercial Website
11 Zeitraffer   Mac Commercial Website

Reasons why iStopMotion is a good alternative to webcam.io

Webcam.io is a great tool for recording videos in the browser, but there are some cases where it’s not exactly perfect. One alternative to webcam.io is iStopMotion, which is a tool used to make animations by manipulating frames in Photoshop. Unlike webcam.io, iStopMotion allows you to record video without the need for an external recording device or mobile phone app. While webcam.

Reasons why iTimeLapse is a good alternative to webcam.io

One of the newest entrants to the live streaming space is iTimeLapse, a cross-platform video application that allows anyone to stream live video over any period of time. This new twist on live streaming is great for artists who want to showcase progress in their work or families who want to view events in real time.
It’s free and only requires the user’s phone number or email address to get started, making it an affordable alternative to webcam.io. Unlike webcam.

Reasons why Stop Motion Studio is a good alternative to webcam.io

Stop Motion Studio is a platform for creating stop motion films and videos, created by the YouTube channel TheNicoNicoDouga. Stop Motion Studio features a number of features to make your filming experience as smooth as possible. In addition to being able to film footage from a webcam, Stop Motion Studio also offers a variety of other tools that allow you to adjust your camera frames precisely and seamlessly. Another reason why Stop Motion Studio is a good alternative to webcam.

Reasons why GBDeflicker is a good alternative to webcam.io

GBDeflicker is a good alternative to webcam.io because it’s free and has a more robust feature set. GBDeflicker can also be opened as an app on your computer, which allows you to use the software on any device that has a camera attached. Live streaming is easy to set up with GBDeflicker, as all you have to do is press go and the feed will automatically play on your screen. With webcam.

Reasons why FrameByFrame is a good alternative to webcam.io

Webcam.io is a web application that allows users to record and share their webcam activity. The program has been used by many high-profile people for live streaming, such as comedian Louis C.K. and musician Prince. However, it has its drawbacks and limitations. FrameByFrame is an alternative that has many benefits and has also been used by celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Bill Gates.