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tooPassword tooPassword offers read-only(!) access to AgileBits’ … Created by Tobias Hagemann tooPassword offers read-only(!) access to AgileBits’ 1Password 3 keychains. That means you must own 1Password on your Mac or PC. We, as users, think that it is totally sufficient to manage your passwords on your computer, and check them out as needed on your iOS device. If you would like to manage, generate and save new passwords on your iOS device, consider buying AgileBits’ 1Password iOS app. Otherwise tooPassword will suit your needs perfectly!1Password is a trademark of AgileBits Inc., registered in the US and other countries. tooPassword is not affiliated with 1Password or endorsed by AgileBits Inc. in any way. More Info »SECURITY IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITYYour keychain is secure! tooPassword is a read-only app. As tooPassword doesn’t write to your keychain, there is no possible way your original data gets corrupted or exposed. That means you get all the fine security your 1Password keychain already offers.• Your original 1Password 3 keychain stays untouched• Reads 1Password’s 128-bit AES encrypted Agile Keychain format• Uses standard iOS libraries (CommonCrypto) for cryptographic operations• Automatically locks your data to prevent unauthorized access• Passwords copied to the clipboard are automatically clearedSYNCING MADE EASY• Dropbox support for all your cloud-syncing needs• iTunes file sharing support, if you don’t like using cloud servicesOTHER GREAT FEATURES• Advanced full-text search on all your encrypted items• Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, don’t waste your money!• Also runs on iOS 5.

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