6 Alternatives & Similar Apps for TripMode & Comparisons

TripMode Block internet connection for apps. Created by TripModeCH There are many alternatives to TripMode for Mac if you are looking to replace it. The most popular Mac alternative is Little Snitch. If that doesn’t suit you, our users have ranked 5 alternatives to TripMode and three of them are available for Mac so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting Mac alternatives to TripMode are Radio Silence (Paid) and Hands Off! (Paid).

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 6 Alternatives & Similar Apps for TripMode & Comparisons 1 ZoneAlarm Free Firewall Windows Freemium Website
3 6 Alternatives & Similar Apps for TripMode & Comparisons 2 Little Snitch Alternatives and Similar Software Mac Commercial Website
4 6 Alternatives & Similar Apps for TripMode & Comparisons 3 Radio Silence Mac Commercial Website
5 6 Alternatives & Similar Apps for TripMode & Comparisons 4 OpenSnitch Linux Free Website
6 6 Alternatives & Similar Apps for TripMode & Comparisons 5 Hands Off! Mac Commercial Website

Reasons why ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is a good alternative to TripMode

ZoneAlarm is a free firewall that can be used to monitor and restrict the internet bandwidth usage. The limits are set through the HOSTS file which can be edited to limit network traffic for specific programs, websites, and protocols. Unlike TripMode, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall does not require you to download an additional software to work.

Reasons why Little Snitch is a good alternative to TripMode

It’s not always easy to monitor the amount of bandwidth you are using on your Mac, which can lead to severe data restrictions. This is where Little Snitch comes in. It provides the necessary notifications when the user exceeds a certain amount of data bandwidth usage, but also offers other features that are not available with TripMode. For example, Little Snitch can reduce or block background network activity, though this may negatively affect some apps.

Reasons why Radio Silence is a good alternative to TripMode

Radio Silence is a free app for Mac OS X that does the same job as the paid tool TripMode. This app lets users control how much bandwidth they are using, which means you can stop over-using data on your iPhone. When you install the Radio Silence app, it monitors all network activity and lets you choose what apps can use data in real time. Whenever you start something new like checking your email or playing a game, just open up Radio Silence to let it know.

Reasons why OpenSnitch is a good alternative to TripMode

OpenSnitch is a free and open-source network packet analyzer for Unix-like operating systems running on desktop computers. It is a Linux based software that monitors the network interfaces of your computer and notifies you when it detects any unusual activity or if an application accesses the net in an unusual way. It can be used as a security tool, to debug network problems, or even to find out who is using bandwidth when you are tethering your internet connection.

Reasons why Hands Off is a good alternative to TripMode

Hands Off is a new app for Macs designed to help users manage bandwidth usage on their devices. The app makes it easy for users to stop downloading and uploading data when they have reached a specified limit, and can even automatically pause updates of apps that are using large amounts of bandwidth.
Bandwidth is the amount of data that travels over a network at a given time. Often, this type of data travels from one device through an Internet service provider to another device.



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