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unblur.app Test your picture guessing game skills with unblur.app, the most fun and exciting image puzzle game Created by sparse creations Test your guess the picture game skills with unblur.app, the most fun and exciting picture guessing game where you need to make the image sharper in order to guess the object on it. Sharpen your brain with multiple levels and have fun guessing!MAKE THE IMAGE SHARPER TO GUESS THE OBJECTIf you like playing picture guessing games then this addictive and fun picture guessing game is the perfect choice for you to test your skills while you have fun un-blurring the images to try and guess correctly. Easy to play, this picture quiz requires you to press the button below the image in order to make it sharper. After pressing 10 times on the image it will be 100% un-blurred. Try to guess the object on the blurred image to progress further in the picture trivia game. … More Info »USE TIPS, POWER-UPS & ASK A FRIEND FOR HELPIf you get stuck at any point through the picture guessing game use tips or ask a friend for help. This picture quiz game is also offering 2 different power-ups you can use to guess the blurred image faster. The first power-up allows you to insert a random letter into the correct position and the second power-up in the picture guess game allows you to remove a random unnecessary letter. Sharpen the photo and use the right letters to guess correctly!UNBLUR.

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2 1 Alternative & Similar Apps for unblur.app & Comparisons 1 Picture Quiz – Guess the Word   Android Tablet
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Videostream is a new puzzle game that has been sweeping the nation in the last few weeks. The game is picking up popularity in part because it is an addicting puzzle game, but also because it does not have ads to deal with. It also doesn’t require any purchases or downloads. Instead, all the player has to do is download the app and they can be immediately playing! If you are looking for a new puzzle game with replacement for Unblur.