10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for ViPER4Windows & Comparisons

ViPER4Windows To make my audio sound nice Created by Viper’s Audio ViPER4Windows is an “APO”. APO stands for “Audio Processing Object”. APO is designed by Microsoft. It is an audio processing framework that can be loaded onto any sound card.In summary, it’s an advanced equalizer which works for the entire Windows operation system, not only for one specific application.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 PulseEffects   Linux Free Website
2 Razer Surround   Windows Freemium Website
3 Boom 2   Mac
Commercial Website
5 PC Equalizer – GUI   Windows Free Website
6 Peace Equalizer, interface for Equalizer APO   Windows Free Website
7 Breakaway Audio Enhancer   Windows Commercial Website
8 Boom 3D   Mac
Android Tablet
Commercial Website
9 Equalizer APO   Windows Free Website
10 eqMac 2   Mac Free Website

Reasons why PulseEffects is a good alternative to ViPER4Windows

  • PulseEffects is free
  • PulseEffects supports multiple channels
  • PulseEffects can be installed for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • PulseEffects automatically pauses your music when you start playing games
  • You can set up an alarm in PulseEffects to stop your music automatically

Reasons why Razer Surround is a good alternative to ViPER4Windows

  • Razer Surround is a free sound card
  • Razer Surround is a perfect substitute for ViPER4Windows
  • Razer Surround has a great sound quality
  • Razer Surround can be used as a stand-alone program or as an add-on to other audio programs
  • Razer Surround has an easy installation process
  • Razer Surround offers higher quality audio

Reasons why Boom 2 is a good alternative to ViPER4Windows

Boom 2 is a free, open source alternative to ViPER4Windows. The program allows you to emulate a virtual sound card on your computer system, which will then allow you to record your game’s audio and stereo output with the virtual sound card. It provides many of the same features as ViPER4Windows, including an equalizer, compressor, and graphic visualization among others.

Reasons why PC Equalizer is a good alternative to ViPER4Windows

PC Equalizer is a good alternative to ViPER4Windows for those who want a virtual sound card on their PC and don’t need the features and tweaks available with ViPER4Windows. It offers a simple interface and doesn’t require any programming knowledge. And, while it doesn’t have an abundance of options, the few that are there make the most noticeable difference in sound quality.

Reasons why Boom 3D is a good alternative to ViPER4Windows

Boom 3D is a virtual sound card on the PC that has some advantages over ViPER4Windows. For one, it is easier to install and configure; Boom 3D doesn’t require any installation process, while ViPER4Windows requires you to overwrite your drivers. This is advantageous for people who are not comfortable with the idea of installing drivers like AMD or Nvidia.