10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for waifu2x & Comparisons

waifu2x Online/Offline tool to upscale images Created by nagadomi Image Super-Resolution [upscaling] for Anime-style [low detail] art or images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.Web App Online web app [using the same library] provided at http://waifu2x.udp.jp/ . Command Line ProgramCommand line tool with integrated software library to upscale images and apply post processing. Utilizes either CPU (extremely slow and resource intensive) or Nvidia GPU (fast with CUDA acceleration) for upscaling.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 AI Img Enlarger Web   Freemium Website
2 Upscalepics   Software as a Service (SaaS) Commercial Website
3 A.I. Gigapixel   Mac
Commercial Website
4 iResize Discontinued Mac Free Website
5 Waifu2x Caffe   Windows Free Website
6 A Sharper Scaling   Windows Free Website
7 Image Upscaler Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Freemium Website
8 Bigjpg Web Mac
Freemium Website
9 PhotoZoom Pro   Mac
Commercial Website
10 Let’s Enhance Web   Freemium Website

Reasons why Logamp is a good alternative to waifu2x

You may have heard about the new anime style app called “Logamp” that is gaining popularity. Users are using it to create anime-style images, scale them, or denoise them. There are thousands of blogs dedicated to Logamp on Tumblr. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people are so interested in this software.

Reasons why pixiv is a good alternative to waifu2x

Pixiv is a Japanese image board where members can upload, edit, share, and post comments on each other’s images. This site is an alternative to waifu2x, an app that can scale or denoise images. Pixiv has many features that are not present in other sites like imgur or deviantart. For example, Pixiv does not have any file size limits. This means that users can upload much larger files than ever before.

Reasons why ArtStation is a good alternative to waifu2x

ArtStation is a website for artists to showcase their work and engage with others. The site is visited by over 50 million people each month and has over 15 million registered users, with content spanning from paintings and sculpture, to games and digital art. One of the most popular features on the site that’s used by artists and fans alike is the “Post Your Art” section.

Reasons why Behance is a good alternative to waifu2x

Behance is a great alternative to waifu2x (app can scale or denoise images) for those who want their waifus to be crisp, clear, and less noisy. Like waifu2x, Behance is an app that allows you to edit your favorite anime character’s image by scaling it to fit your screen.

Reasons why Carbonmade is a good alternative to waifu2x

As of late, waifu2x has been making the headlines for being a resource-intensive app with high demands on laptops. However, there is an alternative to this fast app that is free and easy on the laptop. For those interested in an alternative to waifu2x, Carbonmade may be what you’re looking for. Unlike waifu2x, which scales images automatically, Carbonmade can be set to scale or denoise your images instead.