10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Wayback Machine & Comparisons

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a tool that lets you find old versions of websites. It was created by the Internet Archive and it has been around since 1996. It stores snapshots or copies of webpages on its servers, so people can see what the website looked like at different points in time. The Wayback Machine allows anyone to access these pages, even if they are not currently available on the internet!

Features of Wayback Machine

– It’s free and non-profit.

– You can use the Wayback Machine to see what your favorite websites looked like in the past!

– The technology is called “web crawling” which means that it uses software robots (called bots) to visit webpages on its own, without people having to manually type out each website, it takes snapshots automatically.

– As a result of the new Internet Archive update, past websites that were captured in full will be available to view without having to scroll down or click on any more pages. This is great news for those who want immediate access to these old sites.

– The Wayback Machine can sometimes have outdated versions of some webpages because it stores snapshots from multiple dates and not every page gets updated regularly. It also may not capture whole pages if they do not load properly when bots visit them. However, this does not mean someone trying to find out what your website looked like ten years ago won’t be able to find something useful by using the Wayback Machine.

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Wayback Machine

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Wayback Machine & Comparisons 1 Stillio Automatic Screenshots Web Mac
Commercial Website
2 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Wayback Machine & Comparisons 2 Resurrect Pages   Mac
Free Website
3 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Wayback Machine & Comparisons 3 blit Web Mac
Chrome OS
Android Tablet
Commercial Website
4 Archive.st Web   Free Website
5 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Wayback Machine & Comparisons 4 Web Cache Discontinued
Free Website
6 ArchiveBox Alternatives and Similar Software   Mac
Free Website
7 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Wayback Machine & Comparisons 5 Archive-It Web   Free Website
8 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Wayback Machine & Comparisons 6 Archive.is Web   Free Website
9 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Wayback Machine & Comparisons 7 Archiveror Web
Firefox Free Website
10 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Wayback Machine & Comparisons 8 Time Travel Web   Free Website

How does Internet Wayback Machine work?

Wayback Machine crawls the web continuously and archives a copy of most websites. This means that you can go back in time to revisit any website from 1996 onward, as well as sites never made public on the World Wide Web until now. The Wayback Machine is an important part of our Internet history and provides one of best evidences we have against attempts at denying it ever happened – including by authoritarian regimes.

The archive only goes back about twelve years for technical reasons related to how web pages are stored in “Internet Archive”, but there’s still plenty available under its retro-style interface. With some simple clicks, you’ll be exploring what Google looked like before they became blue, or revisiting your favorite band’s old website or profiles.

Can Wayback Machine play videos? if so, how?

You can find videos on the Wayback Machine, but not all of them. If you see a video link in one of our archived pages, it will be clickable and playable for most captures starting December 2017 onward (due to improvements we made). You won’t be able to play any captures before December 2017 because they don’t have this functionality yet.

Is there a Wayback Machine for Instagram or Facebook?

This is a question that many people are asking. The short answer: NO, there is not currently a Wayback Machine for Instagram or Facebook.

The long answer: There are two basic reasons why the Wayback machine cannot “archive” these social media sites at this time. Firstly, it’s because of how they were built and what their algorithms do to help you archive your own content on those platforms by creating an auto-archived public profile page every day with all the posts from your previous days in chronological order; secondly, since most pages on Facebook and Instagram aren’t permanent links (they expire after some amount of time), there would be no point in archiving them as we can only see archived copies of websites going back to the site for now.

Is Wayback Machine illegal?

It is unlikely that Wayback Machine’s activities are illegal, but it should be noted that they may contravene the terms and conditions of many specific websites. There has never been a court case on this issue so its legality remains unknown at present time. However, one can argue that since Wayback Machine does not obtain any data from any website other than what is publicly available to all internet users, then no laws have been broken.

Reasons why Stillio is a good alternative to Wayback Machine

The newer and better alternative to the Wayback Machine is Stillio. One of the main reasons why it is a good substitute, is that it does not rely on any third-party providers for its data. It is also more current than the Wayback Machine, which can be frustrating for those who are trying to research something from a few years ago and find outdated and irrelevant information. The only drawback with Stillio is that it does not work with all browsers and can occasionally freeze up.

Reasons why Resurrect Pages is a good alternative to Wayback Machine

When you come across an old website, or want to find a link from years ago, the easiest way to find the old page is through Wayback Machine. However, this is not always an easy task and the process is time consuming and often complicated. With Resurrect Pages, it’s just a simple search query away. You can search for any website that has already been archived and then see the page in perfect detail with images and everything else in tact.

Reasons why blit is a good alternative to Wayback Machine

Most internet users are aware that Wayback Machine is an online tool that lets you find old versions of websites, but few know about the blit software. Blit is a free open source web archiving tool that has some features that make it worth considering as an alternative to Wayback Machine. One of these features is its ability to perform automated website crawling, whereas Wayback Machine does not allow this.

Reasons why Archive.st is a good alternative to Wayback Machine

Archive.st is the perfect alternative to Wayback Machine, as it allows you to access any archived versions of websites you want without having to scroll through countless archived versions of website like with Wayback Machine. Archive.st also provides different types of filters for finding archived web pages more easily. The tool can be useful for finding archived versions of PDFs, Word documents, and much more. Lastly, Archive.

Reasons why Web Cache is a good alternative to Wayback Machine

There is a new age of information and Web Cache is a great online tool that can offer up-to-date web pages. This service is an alternative to the Wayback Machine, which typically offers old versions of websites. Web Cache provides people with the latest information on the internet and is far more reliable than the Wayback Machine, which can often provide outdated data or be shut down by hackers.