5 Alternative & Similar Apps for XMeters & Comparisons

XMeters Taskbar System Monitoring for Windows Created by entropy6 XMeters taskbar system monitoring for Windows.Displays customizable stats:- Available RAM- Disk usage- CPU usage- Network usageFree version refreshes the stats every 3 seconds, paid version can be set to be faster.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 iStat Menus iPhone
Commercial Website
2 MenuMeters for El Capitan Mac Free Website
3 GeekTool Mac Free Website
4 Sidebar Diagnostics Windows Free Website
5 Rainmeter Windows Free Website

Reasons why iStat Menus is a good alternative to XMeters

XMeters is a Windows application that allows the user to monitor many parts of their system like CPU, Memory, Network, Disk Usage, etc. It also has an interface for remotely controlling the system with things like keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys. It has been around for 10 years but it has become increasingly difficult to find their website or compatible downloads. The last update was in November of 2015 and there are no plans for another release any time soon.

Reasons why MenuMeters for El Capitan is a good alternative to XMeters

MenuMeters is a menu-like application to monitor system resources in El Capitan. It has a lot of similarities to XMeters, which is an application that monitors system resources in Windows. MenuMeters has some advantages over XMeters, but also some disadvantages. MenuMeters for El Capitan is a good alternative to XMeters (taskbar system monitoring for Windows). The paragraph should consist of 5 sentences.

Reasons why GeekTool is a good alternative to XMeters

Linux operating systems have a lot of visual programs that allow users to monitor their hard drive, CPU usage, ping times, and more. One of the most popular programs is called XMeters. However, for Windows users there are not many good alternatives. Geektool is a small open source program that can provide information on your computer’s resources from the desktop. It monitors everything from cpu load to the volume level of the mouse cursor to vitals such as temperature and time.

Reasons why Sidebar Diagnostics is a good alternative to XMeters

There are many reasons why Sidebar Diagnostics is a better option than XMeters. Firstly, Sidebar Diagnostics has the advantage of being compatible with more operating systems than XMeters which only supports Windows. Secondly, Sidebar Diagnostics offers a wide range of information that can be displayed and customized to suit the user’s preferences and needs such as CPU usage, Hard disk usage, RAM usage, time and date etc.

Reasons why Rainmeter is a good alternative to XMeters

Windows operating systems have been around for years and there are a lot of different options to navigate through. Some Windows users prefer XMeters while others choose Rainmeter. This article will give you a list of reasons why Rainmeter is a good alternative to XMeters. One advantage of using Rainmeter is that it does not take up any space on your taskbar while still being able to display all the necessary information.