9 Alternatives & Similar Apps for T9 Keyboard & Comparisons

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YouXube – Repeat Youtube Videos

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 VEED   Software as a Service (SaaS) Free Website
2 Looper Web   Commercial Website
3 crontab Web   Free Website
4 Kapwing Web   Free Website
5 Looper for YouTube   iPhone
Commercial Website
6 crontab guru Web
  Free Website
7 Endless Video Web   Free Website
8 Coub Web Android
Apple Messages
Android Tablet
Free Website
9 Looplabs Alternatives and Similar Software   Mac
Chrome OS
Free Website

Reasons why Thumb Keyboard is a good alternative to T9 Keyboard

T9 keyboard is the old method of typing on a mobile device. It was originally designed for people with dexterity limitations, but it’s been found to have many other benefits. One of these is that it has been shown to be less physically demanding on your hands and wrists than T9. This means they are less likely to get injured from using a thumb keyboard, which can be a problem if you use your phone for a long time every day.

Reasons why Grammarly Keyboard is a good alternative to T9 Keyboard

T9 keyboard has been around for a while, but with the arrival of Grammarly Keyboard, it is time to think about switching. T9 is outdated in comparison to the latest trend in typing keyboards. Gone are the days of typing words letter by letter with no auto-correct or spell check. With the new Grammarly Keyboard, you can write faster and smarter with autocorrect and spellchecker built-in.

Reasons why CozyKey Pro is a good alternative to T9 Keyboard

There are many reasons why CozyKey Pro is a good alternative to T9 keyboard (old typing keyboard for android). This new keyboard offers many benefits over the standard keyboard including its easy-to use interface, wide range of emoji, and quick input shortcuts. Users can search via Google, YouTube, email addresses, URLs, contacts, and even words in your vocabulary. The app is also available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Reasons why Minuum Keyboard is a good alternative to T9 Keyboard

T9 Keyboard is becoming outdated and has been replaced with Minuum Keyboard. Minuum Keyboard enables the use of a single row that contains nine keys for typing. This can be used in conjunction with predictive text that makes it challenging to mis type letters. Although it may take time to learn, this keyboard can make typing easier and faster. For instance, one must type only three letters to get “laugh”.

Reasons why Ejoty keyboard is a good alternative to T9 Keyboard

When typing, it is better to have a keyboard that helps the user type as quickly as possible. The best keyboard option for Android phones is Ejoty Keyboard, which uses an algorithm to predict words and phrases as you type. This improves the performance of your typing by allowing your fingers to rest on the home row keys. It also has a number row keypad for easy access to punctuation marks and other symbols.