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yrmcds memcached compatible KVS with master/slave replication. Created by Cybozu yrmcds is a memory object caching system with master/slave replication.Currently, yrmcds supports two protocols: the first is an enhanced memcached, and another is a protocol to implement distributed resource counters.Since the memcached protocol is perfectly compatible with the original implementation, yrmcds can be used as a drop-in replacement for memcached. Thanks to its virtual-IP based replication system, existing applications can obtain high-available memcached-compatible service without any modifications. More Info ยปFeaturesComplete memcached text and binary protocols with these extensions:Server-side lockingDump keysDistributed resource counter protocol.Optional memory security to store confidential information like SSL session data.Large objects can be stored in temporary files, not in memory.Virtual-IP based master-slave replication.Automatic fail-overAutomatic recovery of redundancy.Global LRU eviction / no slab distribution problem.Unlike memcached, yrmcds is not involved with slabs problemsA companion client library libyrmcds and a PHP extension are also available.About the nameThe name yrmcds was taken from “Ymmt’s Replicating MemCacheD for Sessions”.As it reads, yrmcds was developed mainly for session storage.The correct pronunciation sounds like: “Yo-Ru-Mac-Do”.

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