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z - jump around Track and jump to your most used directories, based on “frecency”. Created by Rupa After a short learning phase, z will take you to the most ‘frecent’ directory that matches ALL of the regexes given on the command line, in order.AGINGThe rank of directories maintained by z undergoes aging based on a simple formula. The rank of each entry is incremented every time it is accessed. When the sum of ranks is over 9000, all ranks are multiplied by 0.99. Entries with a rank lower than 1 are forgotten. More Info ยปFRECENCYFrecency is a portmanteau of ‘recent’ and ‘frequency’. It is a weighted rank that depends on how often and how recently something occurred. As far as I know, Mozilla came up with the term.To z, a directory that has low ranking but has been accessed recently will quickly have higher rank than a directory accessed frequently a long time ago.Frecency is determined at runtime.COMMONWhen multiple directories match all queries, and they all have a common prefix, z will cd to the shortest matching directory, without regard to priority. This has been in effect, if undocumented, for quite some time, but should probably be configurable or reconsidered.TAB COMPLETIONz supports tab completion. After any number of arguments, press TAB to complete on directories that match each argument. Due to limitations of the completion implementations, only the last argument will be completed in the shell.Internally, z decides you’ve requested a completion if the last argument passed is an absolute path to an existing directory. This may cause unexpected behavior if the last argument to z begins with /.

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