Apps Like zoom’s File & Image Uploader & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

zoom's File & Image Uploader File & Image Uploader is an uploading tool that makes it easy to upload to Rapidshare… Created by z_o_o_m File & Image Uploader is an uploading tool which makes it easy to upload to Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc. … * The most comprehensive and the best program of its kind* Supports more than 700 servers (file and image hosts, cloud storages)* Possibility to use premium accounts* Possibility of parallel uploading* Usually much faster than uploading via browser or original file-upload tool* No ads*, easy to use, multi-language environment* Technical assistance (possibility to add functions, servers at the request)…

Zoom: The Best File and Image Loader

Zoom file and image loader is an application used to upload all your files, folders, and images to cloud storage. It helps in online backup. If the internet connection is interrupted while uploading, users can return to their uploads. Zoom uploader saves time, date, and other details after resuming. Zoom uploader is one of the best applications for uploading files and folders.

It supports many online servers. Windows, PC, Mac, and Linux were also supported by the zoom uploader. Users can directly share files from the uploaded area. Files can be shared while using other apps. For example, if the user is in a meeting he can share files in the chatbox by using a zoom uploader. Zoom makes it easy for users to share files anywhere at any time.


On 3rd November 2018, the Zoom uploader launched by upload buzz organization and Later many versions of zoom uploaders have come online. The present latest and newest version of the zoom uploader was launched on 9th September 2020.

How it works

Different types of buttons are available for uploading the files in zoom uploaded. Users can upload all the files at a time in a single folder. Uploaded files and folders can also be re-uploaded. Switches are available for stopping the re-upload. It contains pause and active buttons. These buttons can only work when the user activates them. Users can create a menu to upload all the files in a row. Colour coding is available for checking the status of the zoom uploader.

Find Top 10
zoom’s File & Image Uploader

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Embed Upload Web Free Website
2 Racaty Web Freemium Website
3 Megabasterd Mac
Free Website
4 MirrorAce Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps Online Free Website
5 MultiUp Web Freemium Website
6 KShare Discontinued Linux Free Website
7 MirrorCreator Web Free Website
8 Multifilemirror Web Windows Free Website
9 Web Free Website
10 Neembuu Uploader Discontinued Mac
Free Website

Top features

• All the files and folders can be automatically uploaded in the line. Users can select the number of files to be uploaded. Then the system can automatically do its job.

• Not like other apps, it can help more than seven hundred servers to upload. Users are able to upload any number of files, folders, and images in zoom files and image uploader apps.

• Most of the users get irritated by seeing many ads in all the apps. One of the best features of this app is not having ads. While using a zoom uploader, it will not show any ads regarding other apps. So, users do not hesitate.

• Zoom uploaded does not use your system storage. So, the users need not bother about their systems’ storage. Zoom file uploaders are able to upload about a thousand files a single time.

• Language is one of the most important things while using an app. Zoom uploader supports many languages. So, users can select their appropriate languages.

• Zoom uploaders can pause and resume the uploads as per the convenience of the user.


  1. The upload speed is incredible, and it fails, I didn’t receive the link. How to fix this?

This problem arises due to antivirus. There are some known bugs in the antivirus. If these appear on the screen then immediately right-click on the red line and report it. 

  • Is this program freeware, or do I have to pay for it?

Yes, this program is free for some users. You need not to pay for this.