The Best 15 Celebrity Gossip Sites For Your Entertainment

Celebritygossip sites help you to learn about the day to day happenings in the lives ofyour favorite celebrities. It helps you to get an update on their life story sothat you can keep a check.

What are celebrity gossip Websites?

As saidearlier, celebrity gossip sites are like your favorite magazines which you canread online. They help you to catch on the day to day happenings in the livesof all the celebrities. There is news which is covered like who married whomand who wore what dress to the MET GALA.

How do celebrity gossip sites work, and what are theirbenefits?

Theinternet is filled with a lot of annoying things like banking and learningabout courses and plans for your insurance scheme. So if you have theseCelebrity gossip sites, then it can be perfect for you because first of all,they are suitable for your time pass and secondly, they help you to check outabout what is happening between your celebrities.

Here aresome benefits of using these Celebrity gossip sites.

  1. Theywill help you to find out the happenings into the life of your celebrity.
  2. Ithelps you to get some break from the monotonous life.
  3. Theyare filled with entertainment and gossips.
  4. Theyare extremely popular, and there are other news and updates you can follow aswell.

The top 15 Celebrity gossip sites you need to follow right now

Here arethe top 15 Celebrity gossip sites you need to check out right now.

01- Yahoo Entertainment

  • Estimated user count- 50,000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 150.
  • Alexa Rank- NA.

Thissite was founded by the developers of Yahoo, and it has been one of the bestcelebrity gossip sites from all around. If you want to have some fun, tune into these sites for the best result.

02- TMZ

  • Estimated user count- 25,000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 46.
  • Alexa Rank- 324.

Itis one of the independent sites of the Time Warner, and for the only price,this is one of the places where you can get the breaking news about yourcelebrities. Has been there since 2007, this place is the one for you.

03- E Online

  • Estimated user count- 23,500,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 109.
  • Alexa Rank- 547.

Oneof the best site on the internet for your online celebrity news, this site hasthe content update every day. It is one of the US leading news providing sites whichhas the best rank on the internet.

04- People

  • Estimated user count- 23,000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 77.
  • Alexa Rank- 324722.

Foundedby the makers and the developers of the most leading and hosted channel on theinternet, People helps you to get all the live updates of your favoritecelebrities from all around.

05- US Magazine

  • Estimated user count- 22, 500,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 47.
  • Alexa Rank- 749.

USmagazine is one of the leading framework and news reporting service online forpeople living in any part of the world.

06- WonderWall

  • Estimated user count- 22,000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 500.
  • Alexa Rank- NA.

Youmight not have heard about this site, but it surely is one of the top celebritygossip sites on the internet. Comes with a lot of content and features, thissite helps you to enjoy the daily gossips as well.

07- Gawker

  • Estimated user count- 22,000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 94.
  • Alexa Rank- 624.

Comesin the ranking that is listed above, Gawker is the go-to celebrity magazine forpeople who are obsessed about reading them online.

08- ZimBio

  • Estimated user count- 20,500,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 177.
  • Alexa Rank- 893.

Zimbiois a good magazine for you to read all the online content in a natural way. Ifyou want the best source of a celebrity gossip magazine, then use this site forthe best interface management.

09- Perez Hilton

  • Estimated user count- 12,700,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 251.
  • Alexa Rank,- 1703.

Therewas one time when this site came to the top, but due to massive controversies,it has dropped down to this rank. Still, even after that, Perez Hilton servesyou the juiciest of gossips from all around.

10- Hollywood Life

  • Estimated user count- 11,500,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 150.
  • Alexa Rank,- 2224.

Thissite is fantastic for you to check out if you wish to peek through into thelife of your favorite music artists to Hollywood stars.

11- Radar Online

  • Estimated user count- 11,000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 363.
  • Alexa Rank,- 2221.

Radaronline is a good source for collecting all the celebrity gossips from allaround since this site is filled with features that you would love to check outfor once.

12- Pop Sugar

  • Estimated user count- 6, 000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 316.
  • Alexa Rank,- 3914.

PopSugar is a fantastic site to collect all the news regarding the life of yourfavorite celebrities so that you can have some awesome fun while reading themonline.

13- Wet Paint

  • Estimated user count- 5,500,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 212.
  • Alexa Rank,- 4652.

Mightnot come in the mightiest of ranking for your celebrity gossips sites from allaround but this site surely has everything related to the up-to-date happeningin the life of your celebrity crush.

14- Media Take out

  • Estimated user count- 4,000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- NA.
  • Alexa Rank,- 2126.

Mightnot be as popular as the others which are listed here but this site surely hasthe collection of stories you might want to check out.

15- PinkVilla

  • Estimated user count- 3.500,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 557.
  • Alexa Rank,- 3343.

PinkVilla is not only famous among a lot of people, but it still counts at the top 15 best celebrity gossip sites since the rankings of this site are excellent in India (especially).

All thesecelebrity gossip sites are viral, and these the top one among the whole lot,which is present on the internet. Want to have some fun because you are sittingat your home and getting bored? Well then log into your device or even your mobilephone and view all these sites which will help you to find some fun andrejoice.