Under Armour Alternatives

6 Best Under Armour Alternatives

When you think of under armor, you probably think of athletic wear. But under armor has been branching out into other areas as well. For example, they have under armor alternatives for casual wear and even armor alternatives for hunting gear! There are many under armor alternatives on the market today, but these six brands stand out from the rest:

1. Nike

2. Adidas

3. Columbia Sportswear Company

4. Dickies Incorporated

5. Timberland Brand

6. Carhartt Incorporated



With a mission of being “the world’s leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment,” it is no surprise that Nike makes great under armor alternative options for both men and women alike. They offer items like shorts, shirts, jackets, and even shoes! Take a look at the Nike Pro Short Sleeve Tee or the Nike Men’s Running Pants, which have under armor alternative features as well – sweat-wicking fabric with mesh inserts in hot spots. These can also work well under heavy hunting gear when you want something lightweight but still protective against cold weather conditions.


1. Nike is one of the most popular brands in sports

2. Nike’s latest sneakers are designed for comfort and style

3. The company has been around since 1964, but it was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports

4. In 1971, the name changed to Nike, and its slogan became “Just Do It.”

5. The first products were track shoes made from kangaroo leather which were lighter than other running shoes at that time 

6. Today, more than 1 billion people are using Nike products each day


1. Nike had been a significant sponsor of the Olympics for over 30 years

2. The word “Nike” is derived from the Greek goddess of victory, Athena

3. In 1964, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman founded Nike in Oregon

4. Nike’s first product was Tiger shoes which sell at a discount price to college students

5. In 1972, Nike made its first shoe with its signature swoosh logo on it

6. In 1984, Michael Jordan signed an endorsement contract with Nike and became the face of their Air Jordans line of shoes


1. Nike is not environmentally friendly

2. Nike has a low-wage business model

3. Nike does not provide benefits for employees

4. The “Nike Swoosh” logo can be seen as offensive to Native Americans and others who have experienced genocide, slavery, or colonization

5. The majority of the workers in Nike’s overseas factories are women 

6. Women are paid less than men at these factories



Adidas under armor alternative options are also great. They offer the same under armor features but with more of a streetwear twist than Nike offers, like their Adidas Skateboarding Jacket for women and men, perfect for outdoor winter sports, camping, or other cold-weather activities.


1. Adidas is a company that has been around for over 100 years

2. Adidas was founded in 1924 by Adolf Dassler, who had two brothers-in-law, and they all wanted to create their shoe brand

3. The three men agreed on a price of one share each and split the profits equally among themselves

4. They also decided to use the name “Adi” from Adolf’s nickname “Adi Dassler” as their company name 

5. Over time, the three friends became competitors due to different ideas about how to grow their business 

6. One brother-in-law left and started his own company called Puma, while another brother-in-law took over running Adidas after Adolf died in 1948


1. well-known brand in the athletic industry 

2. Adidas shoes are comfortable and stylish 

3. The price of Adidas products are affordable for most people

4. The quality of Adidas products is high-quality and long-lasting

5. There’s a wide variety of styles to choose from when buying new shoes or clothes

6. You can buy online or in-store at any time that suits you best!


1. The shoes are expensive

2. They don’t last very long

3. You can’t wear them without socks, or they will get dirty and smelly

4. The original design is a knockoff of another brand’s shoe 

5. You have to buy unique laces when you purchase the shoes because the ones that come with them won’t work with every outfit (unless you only plan on wearing your Adidas with jeans) 

6. If you’re not careful, they’ll fall apart after just a few months of use

Columbia Sportswear Company

Columbia Sportswear Company

One of the best under armor alternatives out there has to be from Columbia Sportswear Company. They were established in 1938 by Arthur Bancroft. He wanted to create an outerwear company that would provide people with products that could withstand harsh conditions while still being stylish – making them one of the top under armor alternatives on this list! Some examples are jackets like The Big Game Hunter Women’s Down Insulated Parka or Men’s Camouflage Jacket. If you’re looking for under armor alternatives that are also good quality, then Columbia Sportswear Company is where it’s at!


1. Columbia Sportswear Company was founded in 1938

2. Columbia Sportswear Company is one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world

3. The company produces apparel for men, women, and children

4. Their products are sold at stores all over the world as well as on their website

5. They currently employ more than 6,000 people worldwide and have a presence in more than 75 countries

6. In addition to clothing, they also produce footwear and eyewear


1. Columbia Sportswear Company has been around for many years

2. They are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment

3. The company is known for its high-quality products that are built to last

4. Columbia Sportswear Company’s product line includes outerwear, footwear, accessories, and more

5. Their jackets and coats come in a variety of colors and styles 

6. All of their products are made with the latest technology, which makes them more durable than ever before


1. The company is not transparent about its production practices

2. Columbia Sportswear Company has been accused of outsourcing jobs to Asian countries like China and Vietnam 

3. The company’s CEO, Tim Boyle, was caught on video saying that he “worked with the Chinese government to make sure they could produce enough clothing for us.”

4. In 2012, a group of women in Honduras filed a lawsuit against Columbia Sportswear Company for using sweatshop labor 

5. The company does not offer benefits or vacation time to employees who are legally allowed to work overtime (40 hours per week) by US law

6. In 2016, the corporation announced it would be moving its headquarters from Portland, Oregon, back to its original home base in Seattle, Washington, after being pressured by local businesses and residents over tax breaks and subsidies offered by Governor Kate Brown

Dickies Incorporated

Dickies Incorporated

Another under armor alternative worth mentioning on this list is the brand Dickies – established in 1923 as a workwear company before expanding into jeans and other clothing types. Just like Columbia Sportswear Company, because of their origins as an under armor replacement option, you know these products will be durable and long-lasting even after years of use. Some examples include Men’s Big Tall Relaxed Fit Jeans or Women’s Straight Leg Jean with just enough stretch for comfort but not so much that they lose shape over time.


1. Dickies is a company that manufactures and distributes workwear for men, women, and children

2. The company was founded in 1922 by David D. “Dick” Winters as the Dockers Work Clothes Company 

3. In 1948, the name of the company was changed to Dickies when it merged with another clothing manufacturer called RK Sportswear Company 

4. Today, Dickies produces more than 12 million pairs of its signature pants every year

5. The company’s headquarters are located in Fort Worth, Texas, and employs over 800 people worldwide


1. Dickies Incorporated is a well-known clothing brand

2. The company has been around for over 80 years

3. They make clothes for both men and women, in addition to children’s sizes as well

4. Dickies Incorporated has a lot of different types of clothing options, including work uniforms and jeans 

5. Their products are reasonably priced based on the quality that they offer 

6. You can find them at many retailers across the United States, such as Walmart or Amazon


1. Dickies Incorporated does not provide a lot of opportunities for growth

2. There is no opportunity to work from home, which can be difficult if you have family obligations

3. Their benefits package is not great, and they do not offer paid time off for vacation or sick days

4. The company culture is very rigid and inflexible – employees are expected to follow the rules without question 

5. If you’re looking for an office job with more perks, this may not be the right place for you

Timberland Brand

Timberland Brand

For under-armor alternatives for more strenuous activities, you can’t go wrong with Timberland. They have under armor features like a Gore-Tex® fabric that is water-resistant and breathable to keep feet dry under any conditions! Some under armor options include the Women’s Ariat Work Boots or Men’s Premium Western Boot which are perfect for anything from ranch work to snow sports.


1. Timberland shoes are designed to be durable and long-lasting

2. The company uses sustainable materials in the construction of its products

3. Timberland shoes are built for all sorts of activities, from hiking to running errands

4. Timberland brand has been around since 1973 when they were first founded in Massachusetts

5. Timberland is committed to giving back – they donate a portion of every purchase made to a charity 

6. The company offers various styles, colors, and sizes, so there’s something for everyone!


1. Timberland products are high quality

2. Timberland shoes are durable and last a long time 

3. Timberland boots have the perfect balance of style and functionality 

4. The company is environmentally conscious – they plant trees to reduce their carbon footprint every year 

5. They offer affordable prices for everyone, including those on a budget or who need financial assistance 

6. Their customer service is quick and reliable with no hassle returns if you’re not satisfied with your purchase


1. Timberland shoes are expensive

2. Timberland shoes don’t last very long

3. Timberland boots have a heavy feel and make walking difficult

4. The leather on the outside of the shoe is too stiff and can cause blisters if not broken in properly 

5. They don’t come in wide sizes, so they’re uncomfortable for people with wider feet

6. There’s no arch support or cushioning to protect your feet from pain after wearing them all day long

Carhartt Incorporated

Carhartt Incorporated

Another brand worth mentioning on this list of under-armor alternatives would be Carhartt – established in 1907 as an outfitter company before expanding into jeans. Like Dickies, because it was initially set up as an under armor replacement option, you know these products will last even after years of use! What under armor features under these under armor alternatives include the Women’s Boot Cut Jean with a roomy calf for comfort and women’s work boot that is protected against water, oil, acid or chemical exposure


1. Carhartt is a workwear company that has been around since 1889

2. The company’s products are durable, comfortable, and offer protection from harsh weather

3. Carhartt offers clothing for men, women, and children in various styles and colors

4. The quality of the clothes is guaranteed with their lifetime warranty against defects in materials or artistry

5. They also have an online store where you can find some of their most popular items 

6. You can order these items to be delivered quickly to your home or office if you’re not able to make it into one of their retail stores near you soon enough!


1. Quality materials

2. Durability

3. Long-lasting

4. Affordable prices

5. Variety of products to choose from 

6. Easy ordering online or in-store


1. Carhartt Incorporated has a very high price point – the average jacket is $150

2. The jackets are heavy and not ideal for people who work in warmer climates

3. There’s no variety of styles or colors available

4. The sizing is inconsistent

5. Carhartt Incorporated does not offer any discounts for students or educators 

What Under-Armor Alternative Brands Are There?

Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear Company, Dickies Incorporated, and Timberland Brand.

Where Can I Find Under Armor Alternatives For Hunting Gear Or Winter Sports?

You could look at the Nike Pro Short Sleeve Tee or the Nike Men’s Running Pants, which have under armor features as well – sweat-wicking fabric with mesh inserts in hot spots. These can also work well under heavy hunting gear when you want something lightweight but still protective against cold weather conditions. For a more rugged type of under armor option, try out Timberland brand products like Women’s Ariat Work Boots or Men’s Premium Western Boot which are perfect for anything from ranch work to snow sports.

What Under Armor Alternatives Are Good Quality?

Columbia Sportswear Company, Dickies Incorporated, and Carhartt Incorporated offer under-armor alternatives that will last even after years of use! In addition, these under armor replacements brands provide the same under armor features but with more streetwear style than Nike offers, like Adidas Skateboarding Jacket or Women’s Big Game Hunter Down Insulated Parka by Columbia Sportswear Company. Timberland has options such as Women’s Straight Leg Jean which have just enough stretch, but not so much they lose shape over time while still being durable against any condition you put them in – making them perfect for winter activities. These under-armor alternatives may be under armor replacements, but they are still quality products.