7 Alternatives & Similar Apps for 4chan & Comparisons

4chan Alternatives

Ever since 4chan was shut down by its creator, 4chan has been a popular search term. There are plenty of 4chan alternatives out there that you can choose from. Here are 7 great 4chan alternative sites to explore! 1. Reddit 2. FoxyProxy 3. Newgrounds Chat 4. ZeroChan 5. HispaChan 6. Digg 7. Slashdot 8. ImageChan … Read more

7 Alternative Music Examples

Alternative Music Examples

Alternative music examples are a great way to broaden your musical horizons. This article will give you examples of alternative music, and a brief description of the genre so that you can start exploring this new type of music for yourself. Alternative music is usually defined as rock-based with an emphasis on experimentation or creativity. … Read more

Chinese eBay Alternative: 5 Online Marketplaces

Chinese eBay Alternative

The Chinese eBay alternative is a hot topic in business and retail right now. With china’s economy slowing down, it has become increasingly challenging to find the Chinese eBay alternative. There are many Chinese eBay alternatives out there that you can use to sell your goods online. Here, we will discuss five Chinese eBay alternatives … Read more

6 Best Under Armour Alternatives

Under Armour Alternatives

When you think of under armor, you probably think of athletic wear. But under armor has been branching out into other areas as well. For example, they have under armor alternatives for casual wear and even armor alternatives for hunting gear! There are many under armor alternatives on the market today, but these six brands … Read more

10 Alternatives To Samsung TV Skype

Samsung TV Skype Alternatives

Samsung TV Skype is no longer a viable option for business. Businesses should be looking into other alternatives to Samsung tv skype. Here, we will discuss ten great Samsung tv skype alternative services that are easy to use and cost-effective! 1. APowerMirror 2. Zoom 3. Viber 4. WhatsApp 5. Android tv Box 6. SmartThing App … Read more

7 Heat Gun Alternatives: Safe Strategies And Tools

Heat Gun Alternatives

If your heat guns are a part of your heat tool arsenal and you’re in the market for an alternative, don’t worry. We have compiled seven heat gun alternatives to work perfectly for whatever project or DIY task you need to tackle! 1. [amazon link=”B07L8YPYQK” title=”Butane Torch” /] 2. Soldering Iron 3. Hair Dryer 4. … Read more

The 8 Best AJAX Alternatives

AJAX Alternatives

AJAX is a programming technique that allows a web application to send and receive data from a server without a full page refresh. AJAX was first introduced by Microsoft in 2005. As of 2018, there are many other alternatives available for developers to use when building a web application. In this blog post, we will … Read more

4 Alternatives To The Internet

Internet Alternatives

The internet is a great resource for finding information, but it does not have all the answers. Luckily there are alternatives to the internet that you can use to find what you need! We will be discussing 4 alternatives to the internet in this article. 1. Satellite 2. Fixed Wireless 3. Dial-Up 4. Mobile Broadband … Read more

5 Great Alternatives To Xossip

Alternatives To Xossip

Xossip is one of the most popular gossip websites on the internet. It’s a site where people can share gossip, videos, and pictures about celebrities and others in their lives. Many xossip alternatives exist that offer similar services to xossip users but don’t have xossip’s shortcomings such as no chat function, not mobile-friendly, or privacy … Read more