Chinese eBay Alternative

Chinese eBay Alternative: 5 Online Marketplaces

The Chinese eBay alternative is a hot topic in business and retail right now. With china’s economy slowing down, it has become increasingly challenging to find the Chinese eBay alternative. There are many Chinese eBay alternatives out there that you can use to sell your goods online. Here, we will discuss five Chinese eBay alternatives that might be perfect for you!

1. Global Sources

2. Trade shows

3. DHgate

4. AliExpress


Global Sources

Global Sources

Global Sources is a Chinese eBay alternative. They offer catalog-based bidding and sourcing services for buyers in global trade supply chains, as well as china’s best factories for local customers. International sources have three ways to find products: by browsing their catalogs (eBay style), filtering the list of suppliers based on your preferences, or searching using keywords or numbers such as companies that might have what you are looking for.


1. Global Source is a leading supplier of electronic components

2. They offer the largest selection of semiconductors, passive and electromechanical parts, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, and more

3. Customers can find all their favorite brands at Global Sources 

4. Their website offers free shipping to customers in North America on orders over $50 or free pick-up for those who live in the greater Toronto area

5. With such an extensive inventory of products at competitive prices – it’s no wonder they’ve been named one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies by Profit Magazine!


1. Global Source is a leading supplier of electronics, jewelry, and other products

2. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

3. They offer fast shipping and low prices on their products

4. They are committed to providing customers with high-quality items that they can trust 

5. There’s no minimum order size for orders from Global Sources 

6. You can find many reviews about their company online – people seem happy with them!


1. The quality of the products is not as good

2. Shipping can be expensive and slow

3. International shipping can take weeks to arrive, especially if you’re ordering something from a different country

4. You may have to pay customs taxes on your purchase when it arrives in your home country

5. There are more counterfeit goods than there are authentic ones 

6. It’s hard to find reputable sellers online that will offer refunds or exchanges for defective items.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Trade shows are Chinese eBay alternatives. Trade Shows offer the opportunity to see, touch, and feel products that you might be interested in purchasing before purchasing online or through another Chinese eBay alternative.

The goal of a trade show is to create an experience for customers where they can come into contact with all kinds of brands and materials at once – instead of going store by store looking for what they want.


1. This is  a great way to find new products and see what’s trending in the industry

2. When attending trade shows, you can learn about innovations in your field by speaking with experts from other companies

3. You also have an opportunity to meet potential customers and build relationships with them

4. Before the show, make sure that you know who will be representing your company onsite so that they can answer any quires people may have about your products or services

5. Make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities – don’t forget business cards! 

6. The best part of trade shows is meeting people face-to-face; it’s a lot more meaningful than just sending emails back and forth!


1. It’s a  great way to meet with new people

2. You get the chance to see and touch products before you buy them

3. It’s an excellent opportunity for networking, meeting potential employers, and making connections

4. many trade show options cater to different industries – from fashion to technology

5. The best part is that it’s all free! 

6. Be sure to register in advance, so you don’t miss out on any of the events going on at your local convention center this week!


1. Trade shows can be expensive

2. You need to prepare for the show, including booking flights and hotels

3. You may not have time to work on your business while you’re at the trade show

4. There’s a lot of competition at some trade shows, which makes it hard to get noticed and sell products or services

5. It takes more time to recover from a trade show – there are expenses like travel costs, hotel bills, food costs, etc., that add up fast after attending one



DHgate is a Chinese eBay alternative that offers a wide variety of products for sale.

The site has over 15 million listings and provides sellers with the opportunity to reach customers around the world


1. DHgate is the world’s leading wholesale marketplace

2. There are more than 800,000 products on DHgate

3. Products include clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories

4. You can find items at a massive discount of up to 90% off the retail price

5. Shipping from China takes about 10-20 days 

6. DHgate also provides free shipping for orders over $150, or you can choose expedited shipping which only costs $25-$50 depending on your location in the world


1. DHgate has a massive selection of products, and their prices are much lower than other websites

2. They offer free shipping on most items

3. You have the option to pay for faster delivery if you need it

4. The website is easy to navigate, so finding what you want is quick and easy

5. They offer discounts on select products every day, so be sure to check back often! 

6. If there’s an issue with your order, they’ll work quickly to resolve it for you


1. DHgate is not an authorized reseller of the brands they sell

2. There are a lot of fake products on DHgate, so you have to be careful when ordering

3. Shipping from China can take up to 2 months, which means that your product might not arrive in time for Christmas or your birthday 

4. You don’t know what quality the products will be because they’re coming from China, and there’s no way to return them if they break or are of poor quality 

5. The prices seem good at first but then once you factor in shipping fees, taxes, and customs charges, it ends up being more expensive than buying directly from the brand’s website

6. Some items may not be available for purchase due to high demand by other customers (eBay)



AliExpress is a Chinese eBay alternative that offers a wide selection of products for sale.

The site has over 20 million listings and provides sellers with the opportunity to reach customers around the world


1. AliExpress is the world’s largest online retail store

2. They have over 15 million products from 8,000 suppliers across 200 countries and regions

3. You can buy anything from clothing to home appliances and more! 

4. The average order value on AliExpress is $200-300 USD

5. You can get free shipping with orders of $60 or more (depending on your location) 

6. There are no import fees for US customers!


1. You can find anything on AliExpress

2. There are a lot of sellers to choose from, so you’re bound to find the best deal

3. The customer service is very responsive and helpful

4. Shipping is free for orders over USD 50 or more 

5. If you don’t like what you bought, AliExpress has an excellent return policy that allows up to 30 days after purchase for refunds with no questions asked

6. Returns can be done by mail or in-person at any post office nationwide


1. AliExpress is a Chinese site, and the customer service is not in English

2. The shipping time can be up to 2 months, which may be too long for some people

3. There are no refunds on AliExpress purchases

4. You have to pay for shipping, so it’s more expensive than buying from Amazon or other online retailers

5. If you order something too big, there will be additional fees for handling and returning the item

6. It may take a while before your package arrives because of customs checks at borders and ports. is a Chinese eBay alternative that sells clothing, electronics, and more!

Sellers can create their store for free in just a few minutes without any experience or knowledge of Chinese eBay alternatives; they also get to keep all the profits from sales.

The site has over $17 billion worth of products on sale, with thousands of new items added every day. The average order value is around $350-400 USD per purchase. There are currently no fees associated with creating your account, though there will be charges when it comes time to sell something if you choose not to pay using WeChat Pay (similar to PayPal). Customer service reps speak English fluently and typically reply within 24 hours.


1. is a leading online retailer of jewelry and watches

2. They offer the latest trends in fashion at affordable prices

3. You can find any jewelry you are looking for on their website – from diamond necklaces to pearl earrings

4. They also have a large selection of men’s and women’s watches, including both digital and analog options

5. For every purchase, 1688 will donate one dollar to an organization that helps children in need

6. To ensure your purchase arrives safely, they offer free shipping anywhere within the US as well as insurance up to $200 per shipment


1. The website is easy to navigate

2. It’s a safe site that protects your personal information

3. There are no ads on the site, which provides a cleaner and more modern look

4. You can make purchases with 1688’s online store or through third-party sites like Amazon

5. They offer live chat in 10 different languages

6. They have an app for both iOS and Android devices


1. The website is in Chinese

2. You have to register with a valid phone number and email address

3. There are only two withdrawal methods available – Alipay or Unionpay bank cards

4. It’s not possible to change your account password without receiving an SMS code from the company

5. Customer service takes 24 hours to respond during weekdays, but there is no customer support on weekends 

6. There are reports of people having their accounts hacked and stolen from them while using this site.