Apps Like Catchit – Antiradar and speedometr & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Catchit - Antiradar and speedometr Road navigator, camera, street works detector, online map & GPS for car drivers Created by LastThink Features:β€’ ”Radar Range”- by selecting this function you can get informed about a danger such as cameras, accidents, etc.β€’ ”Speed Limit”- The driver can set this function which will inform them if they exceed the limited speed. β€’ ”Battery Save”- you can set this function in case your phone battery is low and it will limit some settings or the GPS will turn off automatically.β€’ ”Danger Type” – you can switch off some signs if you don’t want to get info about them, (e.g. if you don’t want to get informed if there are road works you can turn that section off). β€’ The driver can choose the distance at which the navigator will inform them about any feature relating to the road.β€’ It is possible to switch off some functions, if you wouldn’t like to use them (e.g. if you don’t want to get notified whether there are cameras, you can switch off that function).β€’ The app gives the chance to set the voice of the GPS, so you can select the voice as well. The app also gives the opportunity not to be notified during calls. β€’ ”My Trips”- you can take a video of your route in the section, so that later you can have the story of your trip.β€’ ”Mirror Speed” – It is quite comfortable to use this app, as it enables to reflect the GPS image on the windscreen. So, it is possible to focus on the road and use the navigator at the same time, without looking elsewhere. (You can drive and look at your windscreen.

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Catchit – Antiradar and speedometr

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