Apps Like Cell Spy Catcher (Anti Spy) & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

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Cell Spy Catcher (Anti Spy) This App will Help you in Detecting “IMSI Catchers” (also called “Fake Cell… Created by SkibApps During a Self Learning Process, the App will “learn” all Networks (Cell Towers, Base Stations) that are used by your Phone.After the Self Learning Process – if this App should happen to Detect one of these “Cell Spies”, you will be Warned by an Optional Sound and/or an Optional RED Screen. The simplest way to avoid being Listened In On, is then to turn off your Phone for a while, or at least to keep silent. More Info »When the App Detects a Network that is not included in its Internal Database, it will Consult an External Database of Networks. If the Network is not Found there, it is assumed to be UNKNOWN.Features:- Very Easy to Use- Self Learning Process- Periodic Checks for Networks- Selectable Network Checking Period- Logging of All Events- Internal (Self Learned) Database- Integration with External Database (OpenCellId)- Optional Detection, Logging and Warning of “Unknown” Networks- Even Attacks only lasting for a few seconds can be Detected- Measurement of Duration of Attacks- List of All Identified Networks- Export of CSV File- Analysis of Current and Historical Network Data- Warning Level Assessment- Support for GSM, UMTS/WCDMA, CDMA and LTE- Battery Saving Design- Using a “Passive” GPS Location Technique, to save power- Internet Access is RECOMMENDED, but NOT necessarily Required- Internet Access WILL Improve the Detection Quality of Unknown Networks- Always Running in the Background, even when Phone “sleeps”- Auto Restart at Boot Time- Rooted Phone NOT Required- No Special Phone/Hardware Required- Also works on Tablets with SIM Card- Lots of Answers to FAQs- Info about “Fake Cell Towers”, “Stingray”.

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Cell Spy Catcher (Anti Spy)

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 GSMmap Android Free Website
3 SnoopSnitch xLite Android Commercial Website
4 Network Cell Info Android Freemium Website
5 Android IMSI-Catcher Detector Android Free Website
6 Netmonitor Android Freemium Website
7 GSM Spy Finder Android Free Website
8 SnoopSnitch Android Free Website
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