Apps Like CloudShare & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Apps Like CloudShare & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today CloudShare provides easy-to-use virtual IT labs that can replicate on-premises apps and… CloudShare helps software organizations grow revenue, increase efficiency and improve quality with specialized cloud solutions for in-person and virtual instructor-led training, sales demos and proofs of concept (PoCs), and sandboxing for testing and customer support. All CloudShare environments are completely customizable and offer on-demand access to infrastructure resources such as servers, storage, networks, and software. CloudShare customers include leading software and cybersecurity companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Atlassian, ForgeRock, Sophos and Fortinet…. More Info »With training, CloudShare enables you to build customized training labs with pre-made and ready-to-use templates. This gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in a real life environment. It also offers advanced features for training, to ensure employees, customers and partners are properly prepared.Sales demos and proofs of concept (PoCs) allow you to show potential clients your true product. CloudShare helps you create an exact replica of your production environment so prospective clients can experience it first-hand, simply and effectively. These demos and PoCs can last for any amount of time and can be guided demos, unattended demos on-demand, extended self-service PoCs as well as 24/7 persistent environments for sales engineers.Lastly, development and testing is rather self-explanatory. This includes tools that are specifically designed to help streamline and accelerate the development process through their REST API and application integration. This dev-and-test solution consists of two main steps. First, you have to build your environment how you want it. You can use your own environment template, one created by CloudShare, or from scratch with individual VMs (yours or theirs). Second, you can just upload your bits and additional packages and tools that are relevant to your software. After this, you can simply get to work.

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