Apps Like Fridgely & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Fridgely Food Expiration Date Tracker Created by Justin Ehlert Fridgely tells you when your food is going to expire so that you can use it before it does. It intelligently sends you an alert when your food is close to expiring.FEATURES- Quickly find recipes: Fridgely shows you recipes based on the food that you already have.- Receipt Scanning: Snap a photo of your grocery store receipt and Fridgely will automatically add the items to the app for you. It’s like magic, except with a mini-supercomputer in your hand.- Sync between your devices : Your food is automatically synced between all of your devices.- Share your food: Easily invite your family members or roommates to view and edit your items.- Organize your food: Create spaces such as fridge, pantry, and freezer and ensure that your food is always organized.- Shopping List: Create a shopping list of the food you have finished using.- Scan barcodes: Simply scan the barcode of your item and Fridgely will automatically figure out its name and estimate an expiration date.- Export to CSV (Premium Feature): Create and export a CSV with your items.- Dark mode: Enable dark mode for those late night snack runs.- Pantry Manager: Fridgely helps you keep track of what is in your pantry at all times….

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2 Apps Like Fridgely & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 1 FoodLess – Food Waste Tracker Android Free Website