Apps Like JobSwipe & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

JobSwipe The new JobSwipe App. Intelligent search technology for mobile phones. Created by Adswipe HOW IT WORKSImagine you shuffle a pack or cards and are looking for the 4 of Diamonds.With a traditional search engines you would get 6 pages of results with 10 cards on each and the last page with 2 cards,The 4 of Diamonds would be somewhere within those and you would scroll through the results on each page. It might take up to 52 results to find the card.With Adswipe’s Intelligent Search, we return the results in a stack and you swipe the top result either left if its not relevant or right of its relevant. More Info ┬╗So if the first results was a 10 of spades. You swipe it left and then we re-order the remaining results and remove all the 10’s and all the Spades. The next card is a 5 of Hearts. So all the 5s and all the Hearts go. The next card might be a 8 of Diamonds so we swipe right as its close (its a Diamond) and then everything goes apart from the Diamonds and 8s.So each time you interact with the search result we reorder the remaining results and improve their relevancy.Using this method with just the 52 results of a pack of cards you may only need to look at 13 cards instead of 52 (4x faster) but imagine that with millions of results it could be thousands of times faster.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Careerbuilder iPhone Free Website
2 Indeed Web Android
Android Tablet
Free Website
3 LanceBase Web Commercial Website
4 Jobvertise Web Freemium Website
5 Web


Free Website
6 Jobstore Web Windows Free Website
7 LinkedIn Web
Windows S
Blackberry 10
Windows Phone
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Freemium Website
8 Web Android
Free Website
9 Good.Co Web Android
Free Website
10 Xing Web Freemium Website