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Listango Listango was born out of a simple idea… Created by listango Listango was born out of a simple idea…I was sick of having several hundred bookmarks on my notebook, work PC, iPad and iPhone and never being able to find any of them when I needed them. All I wanted was a simple tool that would allow me to quickly save and organize my bookmarks online, accessible from any of my devices. So I searched around, but the tools available were primarily for reading articles offline or “social” bookmarking. I’m not interested in either of those things…. More Info »So I contacted my friend Steve and we started work on Listango in May 2012. The site is self-funded and is developed entirely by Steve and I. We believe some people will find it useful.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Bkmks Web Free Website
2 Firefox Sync Mac
Free Website
3 Google Bookmarks Web Free Website
4 ProjectMarks Web Freemium Website
5 LinqBox Web Freemium Website
6 Cloud Bookmarks and History Chrome
Microsoft Azure
Free Website
7 Folkd Web Free Website
8 historious Web Freemium Website
9 iCloud Bookmarks Chrome Windows Free Website
10 LinkLocker Web Commercial Website
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